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Welcome to Annotate PRO support! You’ll find info here on the cloud Annotate PRO library, our Google Chrome Extension, and our Microsoft Word Add-in that make it crazy easy for you to manage a library of comments you can add to documents, emails, webpages etc. etc. with a click or a few key strokes. We’re just getting started, so feedback definitely appreciated! The info you’ll find here refers to post-2017 versions of Annotate PRO – designed to work with Word 2016 and Google Chrome. You can find our pre-2017 FAQ here. Search our FAQ¬†pages using the box below or jump to our General FAQ, Microsoft Word-specific, or Google Chrome-specific FAQs.

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FAQ: Annotate for Word (pre-2017) - Windows Editions
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Key Concepts

Annotate logs all of the feedback you create. If you opt to log your feedback and are using Google Docs or Canvas SpeedGrader, Annotate will capture your feedback and the recipient. Microsoft Word users who like Annotate’s ‘Free Form Comment’ feature will also find all of their ad hoc comments in The Feed, too.

The Feed makes it easy to review all of this work. You can also add custom comments to an existing Library and Group.

So you may want to grade a few papers mostly manually, then quickly review all the comments you created to make a grading key on the fly.


Learn more about The Feed

Annotate PRO offers toolbars for Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard. We can easily add additional platforms to this list, so don’t hesitate to contact us to ask.

The toolbars eliminate steps to using your comment libraries to create comments. You simply place your cursor where you’d like text to appear, then click a blue Favorite button, type CTRL-S to move to the search box, or right-click to scroll through your selected libraries.

In Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader you can highlight text, as if you were going to add a comment bubble, then use Annotate to search or click a Favorite. Your selected comment will be added to the page, just as if you typed the whole thing yourself, ready for you to personalize further.


Learn more about Toolbars

Any Comment can be made a Favorite (“Favourite” for our British-writing friends). Favorites appear as blue buttons in our Word Taskpane, Chrome Toolbars, and Chrome popup.

They make it easy to promote your top 10 or 20 comments to always-available status. So in Word, Google Docs, and Canvas SpeedGrader you can just highlight text and click a friendly blue button to add its text to the document.

You can see the contents of a Favorite by hovering over it.


Learn more about Favorites

If you are a Google Docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, or (to a lesser extent) Microsoft Word user our logging feature could be a game changer.

Logging defaults to being ‘on’ when you install Annotate, but you can turn it off easily.

Logging will capture ALL of your comments, whether you use Annotate PRO or not, and store them in your account associated with the recipient of the feedback – the student.

In Google Docs and Canvas SpeedGrader you can actually see a history of feedback for the current student in the top toolbar. You can scroll back through it, even click on the associated date to jump to that particular document. So if you ever wondered if you said something to a student 2 months earlier, or need an easy way to prepare end-of-term reports, History is your new best friend.


Learn more about Logging

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Note: the best way to install Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word is to open Word, visit the Insert Ribbon, click the Office Store icon, search the Office Store for “Annotate PRO” and click Add once you find it. Just like installing an app on your phone!