Comment Insertion Options

Unique to the Annotate PRO Word app is the ability to insert your content directly into a document’s body. (Google Docs doesn’t allow us to do this!) Controlling whether you want your content to automatically generate a comment bubble is done with a simple toggle. The toggle switch is found at the top of the taskpane in the Word App.  

In addition to the button directly on the menu bar, this option can also be enabled or disabled by selecting “Auto Comment” via the Lightning menu or under the Gear Icon > Settings.

Toggled on: Any comment that you insert, by any method (Favorite button, search, Freeform/Translate box, navigating the Library) will automatically create a comment bubble related to the text you have highlighted. If you have not highlighted any text, it will be inserted wherever your cursor is in the document. 

Toggled off: Text will be inserted wherever your cursor is. If you manually create a comment bubble and click in the text entry area, the Comment will insert into the bubble. Otherwise, content will be inserted directly into the body of the document. 

With Auto Comment toggled off, the text written in the Freeform box was inserted directly into the document.