How to Use: Feedback Builder

The following two minute video explains the basic functions of the Feedback Builder tool, which is available for AP+ and Institutional users.

Feedback Builder Options

Active libraries this drop-down allows you to select which libraries (personal or shared) will display in the search, menu, and favorites sections. You can enable any library you have access to for use with the feedback builder. 

Rich text on vs. Rich text off – this toggle switch determines if you want access to formatting (rich text) like bold, italics, and bullet points (useful for composing emails or responding to discussion posts) or if you want to limit feedback to plain text (useful for commenting in Google Docs or Canvas Speedgrader). 

Copy to clipboard vs. Add to builder – If you enable “Copy to Clipboard” the feedback you select from the search, favorites, or menu structure will be copied to your clipboard. You cannot create narrative feedback in the builder if this is enabled. To build narrative feedback in the builder, select “Add to builder”. 

Clear Builder – this deletes all the content you have placed in the Feedback Builder. 

Copy Builder Content – this places all your builder content on your clipboard to paste where you want to use it. 

Methods for Adding Content to Builder

There are five ways to enter content into the Feedback Builder. 

  1. Search – this will search the content of your active comments for the selected text. (Note: you can determine if the search includes all text or just comment labels in your Account Settings.) 
  2. Library Structure – this allows you to navigate through the hierarchy of a library and select a comment to enter. 
  3. Freeform and Translate – this allows you to type content that will be entered into the Feedback Builder and saved to your Comment History feed. If you enable Translate, you can use this freeform content to translate what gets entered into the Feedback Builder. 
  4. Favorites – the favorites for the active libraries display below the Freeform and Translate section. Find more help for configuring Favorites here.
  5. You can also type directly in the Feedback Builder, including editing the content you enter by one of the other four methods.