Tune Your Browser to Use AP 

Annotate PRO requires certain browser settings to do its magic. In addition, you can tune how and where AP functions to suit your needs.

Most crucially, make sure that “When You Click the Extension” is NOT selected in your Extension settings.

This is especially important for users whose institutions use Google for email and productivity solutions. Your institution’s Google admin can change these settings globally, changing your choices without you knowing.

To check this setting:

  1. Click the jigsaw puzzle icon in your Chrome toolbar
  2. Click the 3-vertical-dots button in the Annotate PRO row
  3. Click This Can Read and Change Site Data
  4. Make sure “All Sites” or “On xyz.com” is selected
  5. Refresh any open pages after changing the setting

Note that you can also PIN the AP extension for quick access.

A related benefit to these Chrome features is the ability to restrict an extension like AP to specific sites.

For instance, if you only want to use AP with Google Docs you could choose “On docs.google.com” in the above example.

Or visit the same settings when you’re on your school’s Canvas LMS, Microsoft Teams, or Google Classroom site and you can restrict AP in a similar way. Then you won’t see the sidebar on sites where you aren’t interested in using AP.