Annotate PRO: Known Issues

Bugs happen! Our goal is to listen carefully to our users and respond quickly to address issues/problems.

Here are the current issues we’re tracking for Annotate PRO broken down by solution. We love to hear from users and regularly thank users who discover issues with a year’s premium access to AP.

Annotate PRO for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Documents issues affecting users of the Annotate PRO extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

If you are experiencing issues please check the AP beta page – we often offer an early release version of AP that you can quickly install and try. Your account and data will be the same.


AP does not push over the new email box on smaller screen sizes, such as many laptops. This causes it to be partially hidden behind the AP toolbar. 

Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word

Documents issues affecting users of the Annotate PRO add-in for Microsoft Word including Windows, macOS and Word online (web version). 

Can't log in to the AP Word add-in with Microsoft one-click

The AP Word app does not yet support Microsoft one-click login. We’re working on it! If you need to use AP with both Microsoft Word and Google Chrome, and you’ve signed up with Microsoft one-click via the Chrome Extension, contact us to sort it out.

Annotate PRO Web Experience

Documents issues affecting users of the Annotate PRO editing experience / web application. If you are editing your AP content you’re using the AP web app.

No known issues!

No known issues with the AP web experience.