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Favorites in Annotate PRO

Favorites are comments that you’d like to have at your fingertips all the time. They appear in Annotate PRO’s core features as friendly blue buttons. If you hover over one of them you’ll see the text that would appear should you click it. Trial and paid users can sort and color Favorite buttons.

Favorites are sorted by Comment Label in ascending alphanumeric order, regardless of Library. So you can combine two or three Libraries and their Favorites will appear sorted by number/sign/letter. So you can use numbers to force a Favorite to appear earlier in the list. You may notice that 11trees Libraries use “+” to indicate a positive comment – so you can simply search on “+” to find nice things to say. Favorites with Labels beginning in “+” will appear before Labels beginning in “V.” Nifty! 

You create a Favorite by editing your comments and flipping the Favorites toggle from NOT Favorite to Favorite, then clicking Update.

Libraries that are shared with you, or that you license from 11trees (like College Edition) may have Favorites pre-defined. Depending on the Library, you may be able to overrule these settings.

Here’s what the toggle look like:

In the Annotate PRO for Chrome popup (clicking the green ‘A’ in the Chrome toolbar) Favorites appear below Search.

In Google Docs you can highlight text, then click a blue Favorite button to create a comment you can then personalize.

To insert a comment onto a Canvas SpeedGrader document you need to be in highlighting mode. Just highlight, as you always would to create a manual comment, but then click a blue Favorite button to simultaneously create the comment bubble and add the text.

You can also put text into almost any text box you see in these LMS platforms: discussions, feedback to learner, rubric text…

In the Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word Taskpane Favorites appear below Search and Free Form Comment.

Just highlight some text in your Word document and click a Favorite button to add the text as a comment you can then edit.

Flip the green Comment toggle to Inline to add text to the body of a Word document. Neato!

In the Annotate PRO for Chrome Toolbar (available in Google Docs and Canvas) Favorites appear as a core part of the experience.

Just highlight some text and click a blue button to add a detailed comment to a document!

Favorites in Microsoft Word

Trial and paid users can sort and color their Favorites. Learn how!