How to Use the Web Editor

The web editor is the online version of all your Annotate PRO content. You can access it from any web browser even if you don’t have the extension installed. To access the web editor click the “Log in to Annotate PRO” button here on or go here. The web editor is where you can license libraries, edit and organize content, access the feedback builder, and see your analytics. 

Web Editor for Annotate PRO

Build Feedback

The first option at the top left of the web editor is the “Build Feedback” button. That will launch the Feedback Builder tool. Support information for how to use the Feedback Builder can be found here.


The edit menu is where you can organize your existing content and add licensable libraries. 

Edit > Libraries

This is where to go to organize your existing content Libraries, Groups, and Sub-Groups. Check out this article for more support on how to effectively organize your content. 

  1. This is where to select the library you would like to edit. If you would like to export a copy of your library, you can use the “Print & Export” button in this section. The Toggle switch allows you to show or hide comments that you’ve set as inactive.
  2. The “Groups” section is where you can drag and drop your Groups to edit the order they appear in or create a new Group. To create a Sub-Group click the “New Group” button and select the Group you would like it to be a Sub-Group of from the “Parent Group” drop down box.
  3. From this section you can create a new comment inside the Group or Sub-Group you have open at the moment. To move a comment, first select it using the toggle switch at the top right of the comment. Then click “Move” and select where you would like to move the comment to.

Note: The Select button will not appear on libraries shared with you as you cannot change their Group or Sub-Group even if the comments themselves are extensible (editable).

The Sort button will open up a box where you can drag and drop to edit the order of comments within their Group or Sub-Group. 

Edit > Edit Active Comments

The Edit Active Comments button will open a page where you can edit the content of a single Group’s worth of comments at a time without the distractions of the tools to edit your groups.

The first drop down box (Libraries Selected) will allow you to control what Groups and Sub-Groups show up in the “Choose an Active Comment Group” dropdown. Once you have chosen your Group or Sub-Group the comments from that Group will display and you can edit, move, or sort them just like on the “Libraries” page. 

Edit > Sort and Color Favorites

Premium Feature

AP+ and Institutional users can sort and color their favorites. Click here for a detailed overview of how to do this. 

Edit > Add/Remove Libraries

Information about how to add licensable libraries from 11trees or libraries shared by your institution can be found here.


The “New” option in the Web Editor allows you to easily create a new Library, Group, or Comment. Clicking any of the three options will open a box where you can create your desired content.

In this example the “New Comment” box has been opened. Before creating the comment you will need to specify the Library and Group or Sub-Group it should be created in. You also have the ability to set it as a favorite and choose its color if you are an AP+ or Institutional user. The popup for creating a Library or Group is similar, just with slightly different options. 

Import a Library

Annotate PRO can import your existing libraries of feedback comments from Turnitin Feedback Studio or from a .csv file. More information on how to use this tool can be found here.

Feed & Analytics

Comments that you have saved for adding to your library at a later date as well as data on what comments you’re using the most (and more!) can be found on this page. More information about how to use The Feed & Analytics is covered in this article.

Account & Store

This page has three primary sections. The first section is an overview of your account. 

Here you will see your type of license. The benefits that come with each type of license are covered here. You also can see your renewal date and the libraries that you’ve licensed from 11trees. 

The second section covers your account information as well as a few advanced settings that you can use to fine tune how the Annotate PRO Chrome and Web apps function.  

Besides your basic user details you can tweak the following settings:


Control where your feedback comments are inserted and if you keep a history of comments.


Turn on or off the ability to add feedback with a single click. This setting can also be adjusted from the Lightning menu on the Toolbar.


Determine whether to save and display comment history, where toolbars display, how search works.

Purchase Options

The final section shows you optional extras that you can purchase for your account.