How to Use Licensable Libraries

Licensable libraries are one of the best ways to save time with Annotate PRO. There are both free and paid libraries available. More information about 11trees expert-crafted libraries can be found here.

Other support articles are available to show how to:

How to License a Library

To access the licensable libraries, open the AP Extension and go to Edit > Edit Libraries. 

From the ensuing page, select Edit > Add/Remove Libraries. 

The ensuing pop up will show you the libraries available to you. This will show all of the libraries from 11trees as well as (for institutional users) any libraries your institution has made available for you.

As you can see, 11trees has created some libraries that are free to use like Discussion Moderator Edition as well as paid libraries like College Edition and the Legal Writing Edition. Depending on the type of library you are licensing you will have one of two pop ups appear: 

If you’re licensing a free library, it will immediately add to your available libraries and confirm it with a pop up. 

If you’re licensing a paid library you will get a pop up with more information about the terms of purchase and can click “Continue” to be sent to the payment page. 

Regardless of the type of library you’re licensing, you will now have access to the library to add to your account. 

How to Enable a Licensed Library

Now in the section “Libraries shared with you or that you licensed from 11trees” you will see the library you licensed. When you license a new library it becomes active by default. 

If you are an institutional user, you can find libraries from your institution here. Some libraries (formally shared) will automatically show up there and others (informally shared) can be added through the same process as licensing a free 11trees library (scroll down to below the 11trees libraries).