How to Insert Annotate PRO Content

Annotate PRO has several ways to access your libraries of content, find the right comment, and add it to a document or web page. Besides the extension menu, there are toolbars that can be placed at the right, top, both or be double wide. There is also a right-click menu and a feedback builder tool in the web editor.

Additional Configuration Options

AP+ and Institutional users can access a double-wide version of the toolbar and get added functionality from the Feedback Builder tool.

Directly Using the Extension 

Annotate PRO is always accessible when you have Chrome or Edge open by clicking on the green A icon at the top right of your page or by using the keyboard shortcut Alt + A. 

Note: If you do not see the extension icon at the top right of your page, click here for help on fixing that. If the keyboard shortcut isn’t working, click here for how to reset it. 


Toolbars in Annotate PRO are a super handy way to always have your content easily accessible. You have direct access to the search tools, your libraries, and your favorites. AP+ and Institutional users can adjust the Toolbars to show translation tools, save your comments to later add to your libraries, sort and color the favorites, or have a double wide view. 

To enable the toolbar open the extension, click on the gear icon and go to Settings > Toolbars. From there select your desired configuration. The toolbar can be at the right, top, or as in the photo below in both locations. 

AP+ and Institutional users can make the toolbar double wide from this location or using the Lightning button at the top of the toolbar. 

Toolbar Components

Note: the toolbar here is shown with the double-wide configuration but the parts are the same regardless of if you’re using the normal or double-wide version. 

Click on any of the images to enlarge them. 


At the top of the toolbar (or left of the toolbar if using the top toolbar) is the search function. This searches all your active libraries for the search term. Results will display by first showing comments with the search term in the title and then results with the term in the comment itself. In this example, there are four comments with the word “comma” in the title and the fifth example has the word in the comment, but not the title.

Free Form

When the free form option is enabled you can type comments in that box and then insert them wherever you would like. Those comments will be saved to “The Feed” where you can then later go and either save the text directly to a library or edit it and then save it to one of your libraries. This is useful when giving feedback on a new subject or starting out, so you can capture the work you’re already doing and then save it for later.

Favorites & Translate

Here the translate tool is enabled instead of the free form tool. Any text entered there can be translated to a target language and/or include the original along with the translation. Below the translate tool is where all the favorites are located. By default they are blue and in alphanumeric order. AP+ and institutional users can click the “Sort and color favorites” button to change the color and order that they display in.

Right-click Menu

One more way to access your Annotate PRO content is by utilizing the right-click menu. By right-clicking you can access your active AP libraries and favorites.

Note: this option does not work on all pages as some pages have their own right-click settings that override the standard browser right-click menu. For example, any Google products (Docs, Gmail, etc.) will not have access to the right-click menu.

Web Editor & Feedback Builder

The web editor is the online version of all your Annotate PRO content. You can access it from any web browser even if you don’t have the extension installed. To access the web editor click the “Log in to Annotate PRO” button here on or go here. Information on how to use the web editor can be found in this article.