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Canopy: See the Forest for the Trees

Welcome to Canopy – the actionable analytics and engagement solution for Canvas LMS.

Canopy helps instructors invest their time as wisely as possible by transforming the course activity, grade, and discussion data into an instructor-centric experience. Rather than endlessly scrolling discussions Canopy creates an interactive spreadsheet of student activity with helpful metrics like Discussion Health and Influencer Score to help move the conversation forward.

In a glance you can see which students have replied TO you in a discussion but to whom you haven’t yet replied. Or scan for late posts, see totals (top-level posts vs. replies) and even see discussion word counts for each student calculated automatically.

Need to message all students below a certain course grade? Encourage and appreciate students making online discussions vibrant and welcoming? Quickly scan for late discussion posts?

Take 3 minutes and get a quick sense of the Canopy experience. Then Contact Us to set up your institution’s free 30-day trial.

Discussions as Spreadsheet

Canopy transforms Canvas data into an interactive spreadsheet so you can zoom around, viewing activity by student and discussion topic, responding with just a few clicks.

Video Overview

Get a quick sense of Canopy in this 8 minute video from 11trees founder Andrew McCann.

Respond from Anywhere

Rather than scroll for miles in a Canvas discussion you can quickly browse multiple discussions, student by student, and respond without leaving the summary view. Magic!

Discussion Workflow

For the first time grade AND respond publicly to student discussion posts. Feed two birds with one scone!


Canopy helps visualize your data including our novel Influencers metric that quantifies each student’s contribution to the discussion. Let’s catch students doing something right and encourage the kinds of behavior we hope to inspire in online discussions.

Visualize Discussion Activity

Visualize student contributions to discussions by count OR by word count.

Escape endless scrolling

Recognize this view of the world?

Canvas discussions are not ideal for instructors who want to find the most impactful ways to contribute and move the conversation forward. How long can discussions get?

Canopy saves time, reduces frustration, and gives me immediate insight into classroom discussions in a truly innovative way. If you rely on discussion boards in your online classes, you need Canopy. I cannot be more enthusiastic in my endorsement.

Jim Benton

Instructor, Eastern Oregon University

Secure, seamless access

Log into Canopy, securely, with your Canvas credentials. Your Canvas admin can configure access to Canopy with just a few clicks.

Your Canvas data – reimagined

Canopy makes it easy to see up to 5 courses side-by-side.

Your list of available courses matches Canvas.

Your world, simplified

Canopy Course Overview gives you a quick feel for activity – for up to 5 courses at a time.

You’ll see some key metrics – like your reply ratio – and total counts of posts and replies.

Where to invest your time?

Canopy makes data actionable. For instance, of the rows in the summary details the number of replies TO you to which you haven’t yet replied.

Hover over the count and you’ll see the detail. Click reply to respond. Your response will post to the Canvas discussion, instantly, as if you typed it there yourself.

Respond – in context

Responding from Canopy means you see a student’s work in context. You see the discussion topic and, if the student was replying to someone else, that original post.

Canopy conveniently fills in the student’s first name in your response – to personalize your response efficiently.

You can even choose to message the student privately, via regular email or Canvas message. Or just type and answer and hit CTRL-ENTER to blast off your reply to the appropriate Canvas discussion. As if you typed it there yourself.

Dig into your leaderboard

You can dig down into one course to see far more detail.

First stop? An overview that shows you, student by student, a snapshot of activity.

You can immediately see any discussion posts to which you haven’t replied – and reply easily. You can sort by any column, export, and check off students to bulk message words of encouragement or reminders.

Zoom around to target engagement

Canopy is an interactive spreadsheet. Hover over any hyperlinked number to see details. And take action.

At left we can see that we have a reply from Susan to which we haven’t yet replied. Just like the overview.

Discussion detail

Of course you can jump straight to the detailed view for any course – to see, discussion by discussion, counts of student posts and replies.

Hover over any number to see that student’s content – and reply.


Canopy helps visualize your data including our novel Influencers metric that quantifies each student’s contribution to the discussion. Let’s catch students doing something right and encourage the kinds of behavior we hope to inspire in online discussions.

Visualize Discussion Activity

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Grade AND respond to discussions publicly

Canopy’s new discussion workflow feature makes it easy to view student posts in context, grade them AND reply publicly with your comments. Or provide a public comment, posted to the discussion, separately from your assignment feedback.

You can quickly filter to see only students who have answered the post or those you haven’t yet graded.

You’ll see the student in context – their avatar, course grade, and overall discussion activity.

Use Annotate PRO to speed excellent feedback

Of course Canopy works seamlessly with Annotate PRO, our solution for creating, sharing and using libraries of expert feedback to speed feedback and engagement.

This AP library showcases our School Resource Edition solution – a managed content library that makes it easy to share your school’s excellent support services so that every instructor can be an expert.

Here, with one click, the instructor has added details on how to access the university’s writing center.


Canvas teachers, and students, get value from Canopy within 5 minutes of logging in (which they do, securely, with their Canvas credentials). 

Canopy pricing is based on your institution’s Full-Time Equivalent enrollment and a 12-month period. We can pro-rate licenses to suit your organization’s financial calendar. Corporate clients should contact us for pricing.

As 11trees develops additional features and capabilities for Canopy pricing may change. Our goal is to keep the core productivity features of Canopy affordable and high value for institutions and teachers.

FTE Annual License
0 – 2,999 $6,495
3,000 – 9,999 $9,495
10,000 – 20,000 $12,495
20,001+ Contact Us



How much does Canopy cost?

11trees is committed to supporting individual educators at non-profit and public institutions. That's why we make powerful free versions of all our solutions. For Canopy, all the features you see in the beta are available to individual educators for free except for the ability to send Canvas secure messages and emails from within Canopy. 

If you'd be willing to send us the cost of a cup of coffee a month to help support our mission and get access to premium features, paid access costs: 

How secure is Canopy?

Canopy stores the user’s name, email, and a Canvas Token. The Token is not readable by humans - it is encoded using the SHA256 algorithm prior to database storage. This ‘hashed’ value can’t be decoded - hashing is a one-way street. Canopy does not store any posts, replies, grades, or other Canvas data.

What data does Canopy store?

Canopy stores only the name and email address of faculty users along with some basic logging information (account creation date etc.). Canopy does not store ANY data on students – no names, IDs, responses etc.

What is a token?

Tokens are a form of authentication. The token is like an ID Badge. It’s a way for you to prove to the system who you are and what access you should have to confidential information. By generating a token in Canvas and entering it into Canopy, you’re letting Canvas know that it should allow Canopy to interact with course data.

Who is the beta for?

In celebration of Canopy's revamped launch for 2023, we are offering an open beta for teachers to see for themselves how Canopy will improve their Canvas experience. 

  1. First 500 instructors to sign up get free beta access.
  2. Access to all features through January 31, 2024
Can I use Canopy without my institution's involvement (LTI etc.)?

Yes! While Canopy shines in an institutional environment, we’ve designed it in a way that an individual educator can connect it with their Canvas workspace. See this support article that explains the process.

How does my institution connect Canopy to Canvas?

11trees only needs some basic information that can be provided by your Canvas Admin. The exact information and how to provide it can be found here.

If I ignore the Token update message, do I see it again in 5 minutes?

No! If you choose to dismiss the Token update message by clicking the ‘x’ icon, this popup will not show again until you log out of Canopy, then log back in.

Does Canopy work with other LMS platforms like Moodle or Blackboard?

Not at this time, unfortunately.

If other systems are built as openly as Canvas then it is quite possible for us to plug Canopy into another LMS. Contact Us to get on our radar and help us understand what other platforms are used by educators looking to scale personalized engagement.