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Sort AND Color Your Favorites

Favorites make it easy to promote any Comment to become one-click-away to speed your access to frequently used content.

Creating unlimited numbers of Favorites is part of the AP forever-free license for all educators; trial, paid individual and paid institution license holders can sort their Favorites and pick colors for the buttons.

Access this feature from the Edit menu.


AP Favorites in Google Docs

For instance, you might group all of your encouraging Comments together or use a shade of green for all Comments concerning evidence. Or use light orange to indicate knowledge base text, like links to your writing center or library research guides.

AP’s Double Wide sidebar feature just makes Favorites that much more useful!

Your changes are saved constantly. The AP Chrome Extension will update automatically. The AP Word app must be manually refreshed by clicking Refresh in the AP sidebar in Word.

PS: Apologies for using US-centric spelling for ‘colour’ and ‘Favourite’! We know our UK, NZ, AUS and other users are right. Our computer made us do it!

1) Find the Sort & Color Favorites Editor

Choose 'Sort & Color Favorites' from the Edit menu





Sorting & Coloring Favorites has its own dedicated page. Reach it from the AP Chrome Extension or AP Word app by clicking Edit then Sort & Color Favorites.

Or from the AP editor take the same path: Edit then Sort & Color Favorites.

2) Drag to Reorder

Drag to change the order of your Favorites.

Notice you are changing the order of ALL the Favorites in your Active Libraries (selected and un-selected).

Favorites that are part of a currently selected Library have a solid outline in the screenshot at right. Favorites that are part of un-selected Libraries have a dotted line border and are indented.

If you select a Library your Favorites will show in the order defined here.

Drag a Favorite to Reorder

3) Change the Button Color

Pick from a multitude of colors and shades

Click Fave Color to pick a color for your button.

Note: this color is only for the button – it does not affect the way the Comment text will appear after it is inserted by AP.

Notice that you can un-Favorite a Comment from this view; if you do it will disappear! You can always re-Favorite it by editing the Library in which it resides.

You can also make Comments inactive or edit their underlying content.


4) Edit Favorite Label and Text

Click the + button to expand a specific Favorite and edit its Label or Text.

Your changes will save automatically.

Click Plus to view and edit the contents of a Favorite

Favorites appear in the order you’ve defined across the AP Chrome Extension and Word apps. The screenshots below, from left to right, top to bottom (click for a larger view):

  1. AP Favorites in Chrome next to a Google Doc – just highlight and click to add a Comment.
  2. AP Favorites in the Microsoft Word native app – highlight and click to add a Comment.
  3. AP Favorites in the AP Chrome Extension Popup – you don’t need to use the sidebar. Just ALT-A to open AP on any page.
  4. AP Favorites in the AP Chrome Extension Top Toolbar – sometimes you want to preserve horizontal space and see AP above rather than beside your content.



AP Favorites in Google Docs
Favorites in Microsoft Word
Favorites in the AP Popup
Favorites in the AP top toolbar