Available Comment Libraries

Annotate PRO’s is a repository of expert feedback – across multiple disciplines. We author content in areas where we have expertise, partner with experts to provide additional domains, and provide you with the tools to create your own. What expert feedback could you create? Or in partnership with colleagues at your institution?

Wherever teachers need to give personalized, detailed feedback Annotate PRO can help…

Institutional clients can create and share their own Libraries of comments, to bring consistency and experiential professional development to a writing across the curriculum initiative, for instance.

The Discussion Moderator and Motivation Station libraries are forever free for all individual teachers. Other libraries can be licensed individually or as part of an AP+ or institutional subscription.

You can find help for how to add libraries to your account here.

Grammar Helper Edition - The Starter Library for All

The Grammar Helper Edition (GHE) is a free starter Library provided for all Individual AP Users. (Institutions who would like to use it can contact us and we will add it for you.) It’s a free gift from 11trees to highlight some of the core strengths of Annotate PRO. 

The GHE is a compact Library of fifteen comments divided into two groups. The grammar group contains comments about ten of the most common grammar mistakes that students make: run-on sentences, comma issues, sentence fragments, etc. Many of the comments include links to references from our free, ad-free academic 11Guide

Praise is an essential component of constructive criticism. That’s why we’ve also included a group of five praise comments. They’re easy to find as they all are labeled with a +. 

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College Edition - 230+ comments covering core academic writing feedback

Revised and dramatically updated for 2022, the College Edition Library (CE) is like a writing handbook flipped inside out: 230+ comments targeting:

  • Argument (including fallacies)
  • Evidence
  • Style (include content, structure, formatting, writing style)
  • Grammar (proofreading, mechanics, parts of speech, syntax, verb use)
  • Documentation and Formatting (APA, MLA, CMS, information literacy)

Many of the comments include links to additional reading. We've organized content into sub-groups to improve discoverability. CE even includes sub-groups labeled "Praise," so you can always find something positive to say. Catch them doing something right!

The 2022 revision includes dozens of new links to additional reading from our forever free and ad-free 11guide.

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Presentation Skills Edition - 260+ comments to teach the nuances of presenting

Authored by experts in both in-person and online presenting, the 260+ comment PSE is an expert presentation skills course in the form of feedback. Covering slide design, voice and tone, handling Q&A and many other facets of successful communications, PSE makes it easy to create feedback at the speed of a live presentation. Your students will learn 5x more and be amazed at your ability to give such targeted feedback. Take advantage of the linked articles with tips from experts on everything from slide design to skills for online presentations like lighting and microphone setup.

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ESL Edition - 160 comments designed by ESL pros for ESL pros

The English as a Second Language Library (ESL) is the essential companion for any language teacher aiding students for whom English is not their first language. The simple and clear language used to explain core concepts of the English language is also useful for English teachers helping native language learners who are struggling to grasp core language concepts.

ESL Edition features 150+ comments focused on:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Forming Questions
  • Verb Tenses
  • Pronunciation
  • Commonly Confused Words

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Discussion Moderator Edition - 170+ comments to improve asynchronous forums

The free 170+ comment Discussion Moderator Edition builds on years of research into instructor presence in online forums and successful feedback strategies to dramatically increase engagement. We intend DME as a starting point for institutions who can then build their own versions to share with their faculty, helping bring consistency and speeding onboarding for new teachers.

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Motivation Station Edition - powerful quotes on writing and success

The Motivation Station Edition Library is forever free and contains more than 30 quotes about writing and success.  So if you’re looking for an encouraging word for a student or a pithy comment about writing? Add the free Motivation Station Edition to your account and quickly find a good one.

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School Resources Edition - expert knowledge on navigating your school

Instructors are often the front line for questions from students on policies, events, resources. SRE is a solution customized for your institution that makes it easy to centrally manage a knowledgebase of answers so your faculty (and staff) can quickly search and respond. Need to know the Writing Center hours or URL? Or get the policy on exam accomodations? Without SRE students are often sent on wild goose chases. With SRE, teachers and staff can quickly insert relevant, accurate information into personalized messages. Result? Happier students and higher engagement.

Institutions can create their own School Resources Edition library to share with their faculty or take advantage of our SRE service and have us create one for you.

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Legal Writing Edition - 300+ comments covering for first-year legal writing

The Legal Writing Edition Library includes 300+ comments written by Professor Mitchell Nathanson of Villanova Law School to support first-year law school written work. You can customize and extend this library. Institutional clients can share libraries amongst instructors, sharing best practices and creating a more consistent experience for students.

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Career Warrior Edition - structure and teach networking skills

The Career Warrior Edition of Annotate PRO (AP) can help you, your students, or your employees become better networkers and career builders.

With content authored by resume and career experts, Let’s Eat, Grandma, and AP tuned to work with LinkedIn, the Career Warrior Edition features dozens of LEG-authored reach-outs, covering cold emails, thank you notes, LinkedIn messages, introductions, and cover letter snippets.

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