Annotate PRO Features

Annotate PRO (AP) is a powerful free solution for individual educators that makes it easy to create libraries of reusable comments so you can create deeper, more personalized feedback for your students – more quickly – using the platforms you already know: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canvas, Blackboard (and more!).

AP+ and Institutional Licensing

A robust version of Annotate PRO is available for free to all individual educators. AP+ and Institutional users can do even more! Learn about AP+ features and content, available only to paid accounts, below!

Annotate PRO+ and Institutions

AP+ and Institutional users can do even more! A robust version of Annotate PRO is available for free to all individual educators, but for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month you can harness the full set of features Annotate PRO has to offer. Find out the added benefits of a paid subscription on each features page. 

Free Features

Forever-Free users can create as many Comment Libraries as they like and use them across EDU solutions like Canvas, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, to provide personalized, detailed feedback. Free users can create Favorites, use basic AP toolbars, and import from CSV and Turnitin.

AP+ & Institutional Users

In addition to AP’s free features, paid users  can sort and color Favorites, capture student history in Canvas, create sub-Groups, Checklists, and Forms, use AP with Gmail/Outlook, use the Feedback Builder, leverage Google Translate, share Libraries (institutions), and more.

AP is free and works with your favorite EDU solutions. Why not install and explore?

Learn the differences between paid and free individual accounts and the power of sharing.

How Annotate PRO Helps You Be a Better Teacher

Libraries of Expert Feedback

AP features a growing selection of expertly crafted comment libraries that you can use as-is or personalize further. Our content covers academic writing, presentation skills, discussion board moderation, legal writing and more. Some of our libraries are free to use and some require a subscription (gaining access to AP’s premium features at the same time). Why reinvent the wheel?


Find out where your students are struggling most with the power to analyze the feedback you’re giving most frequently.


Keep your most frequently used items handy with a button accessible by a single click from the toolbar or extension.


Prompt yourself to customize comments to students with their name or specific examples when creating feedback. 


Organize your comments with Groups and Sub-Groups. Organize content by type, course, or whatever fits your style. 


Already have favorite comments documented? Import an existing comment bank from CSV or a TurnItin QuickMarks™ Library.

Comment History

AP has superpowers when used with Canvas SpeedGrader: optionally save all the feedback you create, including free form comments, to create a rich history tied to students, assignments, and courses.

Feedback Builder

Build longer narrative feedback by combining multiple comments easily with the Feedback Builder. Perfect for providing granular feedback, in real time, on live or recorded presentations.


Checklists add dynamism to Comments. Optionally select which pieces of content will get inserted with a comment. Perfect for creating lists of common issues like formatting issues or customizable rubrics. 


Translate selected comments – or one-off, free form comments –  with AP’s Google Translate integration.


Share libraries across your instituion and manage comment banks from a centralized account. 


View your AP content in a toolbar that sits alongside your favorite EDU resource to help streamline feedback.