Install Annotate PRO for Google Chrome

You install Annotate PRO for Google Chrome from the Google Chrome Web Store. For instructions on installing it on Microsoft Edge click here.

Annotate PRO is forever free. Create as many Libraries, Groups, and Comments as you’d like – then use them in Google Docs, Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, Microsoft Word – many of the most popular EDU solutions.

When you sign up you’ll get a 14-day free trial of our paid features including sub-Groups, analytics, student history, and Forms. After the 14 days you can continue with the free version or choose to license our software and/or content.

Annotate PRO College Edition adds 230+ more pre-written comments suitable for college and high school writing feedback. Presentation Skills Edition allows you to give feedback on presentations in real time. We also offer a number of other libraries. Check them out here.

Most powerfully, organizations can license Annotate PRO and then create their own libraries to be automatically shared across all faculty. Whether you are running a writing across the curriculum initiative, a tutoring team, or a professional editing operation, Annotate PRO can bring cloud comment libraries into your daily work, saving hours of effort while helping create much more detailed feedback.

Annotate PRO for Google Chrome Gettin’ Started Guide:

  1. Install the Annotate PRO Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Make sure you refresh any open webpages (Google Docs etc) after installing Annotate PRO.
  3. You get 10 Comments out of the gate – all of which you can edit. To insert a stock Comment:
    1. Right-click in a text area (Google Doc Comment box etc) and search through the Annotate PRO menu.
    2. Click the Annotate icon  in your Chrome toolbar to open the Annotate PRO popup, then start typing in the Search box. You can easily set a keyboard shortcut to pop open Annotate.
    3. In Google Docs, Canvas, and Blackboard you can use the Annotate PRO toolbar to save even more time. Read about our optimizations for these platforms:
      1. Blackboard LMS
      2. Brightspace (D2L)
      3. Canvas LMS
      4. Google Classroom
      5. Google Docs
      6. Microsoft Teams (web version)
      7. Microsoft Word (apps and web)
      8. Schoology LMS
    4. To Edit Your Comment Library click on the green Annotate icon in your Chrome toolbar, click Edit at the very top of the resulting ‘popup’, then choose Edit Libraries.
      1. We start you off with your own Library, which you can add to, and also the College Edition and Legal Writing Edition Libraries. You can extend these Libraries and customize the existing content easily. You get a 14-day trial of these advanced Libraries.
      2. Your own personal Library, with up to 30 Comments, is yours free forever. You can read about licensing for individuals and organizations here.