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11trees is obsessed with helping students acquire communication and critical thinking skills. Why? Well, there’s the data (take your pick!):

The reality that writing skills are more important than they have ever been is more motivating to us. All those hipsters walking NYC, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Cleveland, Detroit  – building software that is “eating the world”? They spend their days writing. The gaps between most curriculum and the real world are widening; ask any executive or principal or classroom teacher or dean and they will confirm that writing skills are the gateway to a bright future.

While clever and motivated young people pick up better skills in the years after college, if given a chance, what about the 40% of college students who never graduate?


Annotate PRO is an app for Microsoft Word and Google Chrome that dramatically improves the feedback process for teachers and students without requiring any major changes to process or tools. Since we know feedback is the single most impactful tactic in a teacher’s toolkit, improving student outcomes more than any other approach, focusing on feedback can create dramatic results. 

Annotate PRO is an app for Microsoft Office and Google Chrome optimized to work with leading platforms like Google Docs, Canvas, Blackboard, and Schoology. Teachers can create, share, and use libraries of reusable comments. As importantly, in select platforms, they can effortlessly create histories of feedback to gain insight into feedback practice and even individual student performance.

A common refrain from new users?

I feel like I’ve done a huge favor for my future self.

Annotate PRO teachers regularly report creating 25% more personalized feedback in 25% less time. And they see and feel the impact on their students right away.

How will you use AP? Some ideas…

Individual Teachers...

AP is forever-free. Create as many personal libraries as you’d like then use them to speed up feedback and communication across Google Docs, Gmail, Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, Microsoft Word – almost anywhere you can type.

When you sign up you’ll get a 14-day trial of our advanced features and content: the College Edition, Career Warrior Edition, and Legal Writing Edition libraries, analytics, comment histories, forms, and sub-Groups.

You can choose to subscribe to features and/or content or become a forever-free user. Easy!

"Face-to-face" Institutions

AP supports many different faculty and tutor workflows and use cases:

  • Create a ‘Writing Across the Curriculum’ library for your institution and make it available to all faculty. They can use the library in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or your LMS. You’ll help showcase what great feedback looks like while providing a terrific efficiency solution for faculty. Just providing detailed MLA and APA libraries alone will dramatically improve feedback and speed.
  • Create a library or library for use in your Writing Center for both face-to-face sessions and asynchronous paper review. Your teaching assistants, tutors, and faculty will appreciate the coverage of common issues and opportunities, and students will love the detailed actionable feedback.
  • Create a library of academic resources that all faculty can use to quickly find appropriate campus information. Need the library hours or chat link? Or writing center email address? Bake all those details into a library you can manage centrally and then help faculty communicate with students in Gmail, discussion boards – almost anywhere they might type.
  • Replace Turnitin’s Grademark features, which are often only used by a handful of faculty at even large schools, with AP saving a ton of money and making power user faculty happier in the process.
  • Document curriculum revision and learning outcomes initiatives with granular data from AP, documenting feedback practices and informing professional development. Have a suspicion that too much feedback, even in upper-level courses, focuses on simple mechanics rather than argument and use of evidence? Prove it with AP!
Online Programs

Whether you are an online charter school, state virtual academy, or online graduate program, AP will help you scale and manage a great student feedback experience:

  • Onboard new faculty efficiently by developing exemplar libraries of feedback and student engagement – for traditional term papers, but also discussion board responses, interventions and similar.
  • Gather never-before seen data to establish “regular and substantive interaction,” improve student outcomes, and answer accreditors expectations for rich data.
  • Gain insight into feedback practice and use data to inform professional development and curricular revision.
Tutoring Programs & Providers

From academic writing to conversation skills, feedback is the number one driver of student success, achievement, and retention. AP will help you bring consistency and high standards to feedback processes across your distributed team.

Some examples of successful AP implementations:

  • A multinational proofreading provider designed multiple libraries to support writing feedback across cultures, languages, and audience supporting over 150 active tutors.
  • An online provider of conversational English training developed extremely detailed libraries to quickly differentiate instruction and feedback after live, face-to-face tutoring sessions. Over 200 tutors across multiple timezones use AP daily to engage students and create rich data on student learning.

Learn more about bringing our College Edition library to your school or use it as a starting point for your faculty to create and share libraries meaningful to your curriculum: