Import and Exporting Comment Libraries

AP supports importing plain CSV files and also Turnitin QuickMark™ Sets.

You can also easily export your comment libraries – to back them up, use them in other places. Uploading publisher intellectual property (including 11trees’ proprietary libraries like College Edition) is a violation of our terms of service. Using AP’s import/export feature to share libraries with other users is a violation of our terms and conditions. Consider a Team or Institution license to facilitate sharing and automating updates to your libraries.

Import an AP Library from Turnitin or CSV

AP supports importing plain CSV files and also Turnitin QuickMark™ Sets. Click here for instructions on exporting QuickMark sets.

Here’s a link to a Google Sheet you can copy and use. There are two tabs – the first tab shows you how to upload without Sub-Groups and the second shows how Sub-Groups should be represented.

To upload a CSV file make sure:

  • The file has a “csv” extension.
  • There are four (4) columns with the following headings:
    • Group
    • Sub-Group
    • Commment Label
    • Comment


AP+ and Institutional users can make more granular organization with sub-groups. 

  • Sub-Groups are only supported with premium/institutional accounts.
  • Leave the Sub-Group entry blank for a given row if you want the Comment to appear directly under the Group.
  • You can import up to 300 Comments into a Library

After importing check the sorting of Comments is how you want it, Favorite Comments and finish personalizing your expert feedback!

Export a Comment Library

You can export your Comments, including 11trees proprietary Comment Libraries like College Edition if you have licensed that content, in either CSV or copy/paste formats.

To export:

  1. Visit Edit a Library in the AP web editor. To reach the web editor from AP’s Chrome Extension or Microsoft Word add-in, click Edit then Edit Libraries.
  2. Select a Library from the Library drop down.
  3. Click the Print & Export button to the right of the Library picker dropdown.
  4. Choose CSV or Copy/Paste to get the Comments.