Sharing Libraries

Individual subscribers, including paid users, cannot share the Libraries they create.

Only users who are part of an organization/institution can share. If enabled, individuals who are part of a Team or Institutional license can share informally – placing Libraries in a common area so others can discover and add them. Organizations with Institutional licenses have Exec Editor and Admin roles to make sharing even more efficient and valuable.

When you share a Library you can define whether it is Extensible – meaning others can personalize it for their use including adding new Groups, new Comments to existing Groups, and tweaking existing Comments to suit their needs. 

No one can edit your underlying content, even if you share it.

If Extensible is toggled OFF and you share a Library others can use it, but they cannot add their own content to it or personalize your content.

To share a Library:

  1. Visit Edit/Libraries
  2. Choose a specific Library – “Algebra” in the example below
  3. Click the dropdown to the right of the Name field. You’ll see 4 choices:
    1. Not Active
    2. Active (personal)
      Only you can see and use this Library
    3. Active – Shared (informal)
      Your Library will be discoverable by colleagues at your institution/organization.
    4. Active – Shared (formal)
      Your Library will automatically appear for all users at your institution/organization. Your choice of Selected will determine whether the Library is automatically chosen for them or not.Options 3 and 4 may be greyed out, depending on your license level and permissions. See the screenshot below for an example.

IMPORTANT: changes to a Library do not automatically ‘push’ to users of that Library. AP refreshes automatically every 24 hours, so the maximum time someone might go without a change is 24 hours. Users can Refresh their content at any time (assuming they have an Internet connection) by clicking the gear icon and the choosing Refresh. AP will pull down any changes to selected Libraries.

Sharing Formally is only available to Exec Editor and Admin users – roles defined by your institution/organization.