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Annotate PRO Pricing

Annotate PRO is free forever – you get a Library with an initial ten Comments in one Group. You can create up to thirty Comments (across up to three Groups) that you can use forever. Our Google Chrome Extension and Microsoft Word 2016 Add-in are, of course, included.

Individuals can license Annotate PRO, creating many more Groups and Comments across multiple Libraries, for $24 per year.

Individuals can also choose to license one or more of our Comment Libraries, like the College Edition or Legal Writing Edition, for an additional license fee.

We offer 14-day trials of these features with no credit card required.

Institutions can license Annotate PRO for their faculty and students, bringing all of the above capabilities plus formal and informal sharing of Libraries.

Find the plan that is right for you and contact us if you have any questions.

Individual Pricing:

We aren’t yet able to take credit card payments – so Annotate PRO is free for individual users. We hope to have payment processing in place by January 31, 2018. All users registered by that date will get two months free – no payment required until March 1, 2018.

Yeah! Our slowness is your benefit. Seriously, we’ve been building great features to make the potential expense worthwhile…and just haven’t integrated a payment process yet. Once we do, payments will happen inside the Annotate PRO app.

Also, any individual who purchased Annotate PRO (the old version) previously gets a free one year subscription. Just contact us to let us know the original email address you used to purchase and we’ll credit your account for a year starting from the date of registration. Oh yes!

Institutional Pricing:

Institutions can bring Annotate PRO to groups of faculty large and small. We also support tutoring with controls over editing and extending Libraries.

Note: we have specific pricing for Law Schools, recognizing the specialized nature of our Legal Writing Edition Library and the intense needs of teaching legal writing!

We set your institution up in our system and then any user registering with your domain ( or automatically gets the right settings. We are working (early 2018) on LTI authentication for users.

We can also create user accounts for you, so that individuals can use non-institutional email addresses to register.

Contact us to have a conversation about your needs and craft a solution. Our typical engagements are for a number of instructor ‘seats,’ but if your initial goal is more strategic (rolling out a writing across the curriculum initiative to 150 faculty) we can offer substantial discounts beyond the pricing you find here.

Setup is dead easy – we can have you going by this afternoon! Billing is by invoice/PO, credit card payments, or barter (jk on this last option).

TA vs. Instructor Accounts:

TA accounts cannot create new Libraries or edit ones shared with them. Instructor accounts can use Libraries provided to them plus create their own.

Canvas, Google Docs & Blackboard toolbars:

Annotate PRO for Chrome includes optional toolbars that make it easy to access Comment Libraries and insert comments with a single click.

Formal Sharing:

Annotate PRO Admins can create and share a Library with controls over other users’ ability to extend and customize these libraries. Libraries shared formally can be default choices for all users.

Informal Sharing:

Individual users can create Libraries and choose to share those libraries for others to discover and use.

Library Editing:

End-users, if granted permission by a Library Author, can extend a Library by customizing individual Comments, adding new Groups, and entirely new Comments.

The Feed:

Annotate logs feedback created, making it easy to create new reusable comments from previously created manual comments, review feedback provided to a specific student, and gain oversight of the dialog happening at your institution.


Annotate can aggregate and summarize data created – by Library, user/instructor, recipient (student), time period, comment, group of comments etc.