Annotate PRO: English as a Second Language (ESL) Edition

The English as a Second Language Library (ESL) is the essential companion for any language teacher aiding students for whom English is not their first language. The simple and clear language used to explain core concepts of the English language is also useful for English teachers helping native language learners who are struggling to grasp core language concepts. 

Individuals can license ESL for $36/year (which includes all AP+ features) or $12 (existing AP+ subscribers). Institutional users should contact us to explore adding the ESL Library to the institution’s shared Comment Libraries. 

ESL Edition features 150+ comments focused on:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Forming Questions
  • Verb Tenses
  • Pronunciation
  • Commonly Confused Words

The ESL edition integrates links to concise articles written by 11trees’ experts. Over thirty new articles have been added to the 11guide specifically focused on ESL competencies. Instead of being limited to explaining prepositions of place, show students with 11guide articles containing custom-designed graphics to illustrate the meaning of these concepts. Give students the tools to dig deeper on their learning path with Overview articles that cover a part of speech’s broad uses with links to separate articles that go more into detail. 

Almost every organization lists communication skills as one of their most critical issues…and presentation skills are a large component of communications. (Dolan, 2018)

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Using AP’s ESL Library

The ESL Library is organized into different groups and sub-groups to allow for easily locating comments. The groups cover the key aspects of grammar and syntax. One of the biggest challenges language learners faces is mastering the subtleties between similar words. How do you explain the difference between a clock and a watch? Ever vs never? Short vs small? With the ESL Library’s 50+ “Commonly Confused Words” group you can quickly provide a student with the answer or guidance they’re seaking. 

Like all AP Libraries, all of the content is customizable. Want to add more details to a comment? Change the examples? Word it in your own style? It’s all made easy with Annotate PRO’s editing abilities

Pro tip: creating narrative feedback

Providing feedback during live classes is made easy with the Feedback Builder tool. String together multiple comments into one piece of feedback to help your student. No need to fumble around looking for references to help them progress either. There are dozens of references in the comments of the ESL Library.

Checklists – The ESL Library’s Slick New Tool

The ESL Library is the first of 11trees Libraries to be outfitted with the Checklist tool. This allows comments to have optional extra information. For example, does your student just need a small reminder or do they need to checkout and 11guide article that will clearly explain a mistake they made? Simply select (or don’t) the checkbox and the additional reference will be added to the comment.

Another way checkboxes will make using the ESL Library an essential tool for teachers is the praise checkbox. Instead of simply sending the same “Great job!” over and over, select from specific, varied praise items and with a click send it to your student. 

How to Add ESL Edition to your Annotate PRO account:

New individual subscribers will already have the ESL Library in their list of available Libraries. Individuals can license the ESL Library for $36/year (which includes all AP+ features) or $12 (for existing AP+ subscribers). Institutional users should contact us to explore adding the ESL Library to the institution’s shared Comment Libraries.

From the AP Chrome Extension or Word Add-in:

  • Click Edit
  • Click Activate Libraries
  • You’ll be logged into the AP web experience and taken to a list of all available Libraries. Scroll down to find “ESL Edition” and click License Me!

The ESL Library will be added to your account and available for immediate customization and use in CanvasBlackboard, Microsoft Word, Google ClassroomSchoologyD2LMicrosoft Teams and more. 


How much does the ESL Library cost?

The ESL Library is a premium library. It can be licensed for $36 per year ($12 a year if you’re already an AP+ subscriber).

Institutional users should contact us to explore adding PSE to the institution’s shared Commen Libraries.

How can I share a customized version of the ESL Library with my colleagues?

Institutions licensing AP for use by multiple instructors can efficiently share custom AP Libraries including ESL or a customized version of ESL. Contact us to learn more.