Annotate PRO: AI Prompt Edition Library

AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT and Claude perform best when given specific, detailed requests. Annotate PRO’s free, AI Prompt Edition Library can help you create detailed instructions and insert them into your favorite AI platform to instantly generate content. Or, just as likely, help you have some fun experimenting with platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT4, Microsoft’s CoPilot, and Google’s Gemini to create quizzes, study guides, and even feedback for your students.

Using a Quiz Generator prompt from the Library

We’ve crafted a Library of 25 prompts to use with AI content generators like ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, CoPilot, and others. In the above example, we used the “Quiz Generator” prompt to create a 10-question quiz with multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions, with an answer key, in less than 30 seconds. You can check out the final result here. How long would that take by hand? 

Want to help students prepare for the exam you’ve generated, either with AI or by hand? You can make use of the “Exam Preparation Study Guide” prompt which will quickly generate a study guide. This time we wanted to make a longer exam, so we tweaked the prompt, easy to do with all AP content, to create a 35-question test and then using the exam prep question, created this study guide for the students. 

Library Features

The Library is organized into five groups of prompts.

  • Content Creation Prompts: This Group provides customizable prompts that can be used to generate some fresh ideas for your class activities. 
  • Drafting Communications: This Group has prompts to help facilitate communication with students and their parents. 
  • Feedback Prompts: The prompts in this Group are for prompting the AI to provide feedback on student work. 
  • Shaping a Response: These prompts can be added before or after a prompt to guide the AI towards what type of result you want in terms of leveling, structure, class type, etc. 
  • Tone Qualifiers: Use these comprehensive descriptions to guide the AI to have the right tone. 

The prompts are supercharged by use of AP’s Forms and Checklists features. 

Checklists, Forms and AI Prompts

The AI Prompts Library is free for all users, but AP+ and Institutional users get the full power of the Library with access to Checklists and Forms. 

Checklists give you the ability to select from multiple options to easily customize a prompt. We’ve added the tag (Multi-select) to the end of prompts that make use of the Checklist feature.

Select from many options to tell the AI how long its response should be

Short classifiers like the one in the above screenshot make all the difference with getting quality output from AI tools. We’ve found AI tools tend to just go on and on and don’t know when to stop. Adding details about response length really helps and is easy to do with the “Length Requirements” prompt.

Use a Forms to provide specific details

Forms, which prompt you to add specific details, are indicated by the tag (Custom Instructions). These are used to provide specificity to prompts. Notice how the above prompt in CoPilot will generate an email to send to a parent based on specific inputs that you provide.

How to the AI Prompt Library to your Annotate PRO account:

New individual subscribers will already have the AI Prompt Library in their list of available Libraries. The AI Prompt Library is free for all individual users, although an AP+ subscription is required for accessing premium features like Forms and Checklists. Institutional users should contact us to explore adding the AI Prompt Library to the institution’s shared Comment Libraries.

From the AP Chrome Extension or Word Add-in:

  • Click Edit
  • Click Activate Libraries
  • You’ll be logged into the AP web experience and taken to a list of all available Libraries. Scroll down to find “AI Prompts” and click License Me!

The AI Prompt Library will be added to your AP account and can immediately be used with ChatGPT, CoPilot, Claude, Gemini, and more.