How to Use the Canopy Discussion Map

Discussion Map to the right of the Student’s Post

Canopy displays a map of how students are interacting in a discussion. The map is interactive, allowing you to visualize the interactions, drill down into them, and respond from the map. You can see a video overview of the functions or read about them below. 

Map View Options

The currently selected student’s contributions will always be highlighted on the map in dark green. Changing students will automatically update the map to highlight the currently selected student.

Map filter options

Above the map are two filtering options. Selecting “Only threads with chosen user” will hide parts of the discussion that the selected student is not involved in. Selecting “All threads in discussion” will display the whole discussion. From either filter view, clicking on “Center the Tree” will recenter the discussion map’s position and reset its zoom level.

Side by side comparison of the results of selecting different views

Replying to Students

Reply dialogue box launched from discussion map

Clicking on any student in the discussion map will display a preview of what they wrote. If you want to interact with them, simply click on “Reply” and that will launch a box where you can reply to the student via any of the methods that Canopy supports: publicly via the discussion or privately via Canvas secure message or via email.