Canopy Data Refresh Options

Canopy is configured to periodically receive data rather than immediately updating. This option about when to refresh the data facilitates teachers being able to get into Canopy at a cutoff date/time and see who has posted without worrying about late submissions for the time being.

To decide how to handle refreshing data, you can toggle the “update checking ON/OFF” toggle at the top right.

Update checking toggled ON

With update checking toggled on, Canopy will look in the background for new posts and notify you with a pop-up when a new post has been made (see image above). In order to see the new content, click the Refresh button at the top right or refresh the page.

Toggling update checking OFF could be useful if you are checking to see which students have posted and/or replied by a deadline. For example, if there was a deadline at 7 pm on a Wednesday, you could open Canopy at 7 pm and turn update checking OFF. Then, you would only see the posts that were submitted before the cutoff until you manually refreshed the page.