Connecting Canopy for IT Admins

Getting your institution started with Canopy is fast and simple but requires your Canvas admin/IT team set up 11trees (the developers of Canopy) with a Developer Key. This is a process they will be quite familiar with but also may require some back and forth to document privacy and security requirements. We’re quite used to doing this work and they will be too.

A good first step is setting Canopy up on a test Canvas server so you can properly kick the tires. 

Here’s the info your Canvas admins will need from 11trees:

  1. Key Name: Canopy
  2. Owner Email:
  3. Redirect URIs:
  4. Icon URL:

Here’s the info we need back:

  1. Your institution’s LTI Client ID
  2. A ‘Client Secret’ that your institution will define (it’s a highly secure password)
    • Both #1 and #2 should be transmitted to 11trees through secure means: either a secure shared folder on Dropbox or similar, or via a password-protected ZIP file or similar.
  3. The URL of your institution’s Canvas instance (typically

Please secure this information and share it with us securely (password-protected Zip file, shared cloud drive). We will configure your client within one business day and let you know when you can continue testing.

Ideally you provide us with a test course, test instructor account, and test student so we can test Canopy on your behalf.