Canopy Views

Canopy is meant to be an all-in-one stop for handling every aspect of a Canvas LMS discussion environment. With Canopy you can:

  • Read and reply to posts.
  • See who is posting and how much they’re posting. 
  • Message or email students. 
  • View analytics about discussion health. 

In order to do all these tasks, Canopy is broken out into different views to access different types of information about your courses. 

View upon logging in to Canopy.

When you log in to Canopy you will need to choose which Canvas course you want to interact with. (Note: only current Canvas courses will be displayed in the dropdown.)

Default View – Discussion Detail

Default view

When you select a course from the drop-down, Canopy will load the default Discussion Detail view. This gives you a high-level overview of all the discussions in the course, with the ability to drill down into detail and reply. Or to open up a specific discussion for even more detail.

All of the columns are sortable so you can see, for example, who has not logged on recently or who has the most recent posts. Most of the columns are self-explanatory in what they display, however hovering over any column will give you a description of the data provided. The influencer score is an experimental metric that attempts to show which students are most driving discussions by taking into account their posts, replies, and how much discussion their contributions are stimulating.

Discussion view

All individual discussions are in blue and are clickable. Clicking them opens up more details about that specific discussion rather than the course as a whole. (This view is great for finding out who has or hasn’t replied at a deadline, as we outline in this blog post.)

To return to the Discussion Detail view click the Back to Course Summary button at the top right. 

Leader Board View

Leader Board view

The Leader Board provides a high-level overview of all students’ participation across all discussions. In the above screenshot, we are sorting the view by the Total Words column. This way we can see which students are writing the most (or least) over the entire course. This view is more informational than immediately actionable but you can still message students from this view using the built-in messaging tools

Chart Views

Influencers View

There are three types of charts available in Canopy. The Influencers metric is visible in the Discussion Detail and the Leader Board views. However, accessing the Chart (influencers) view provides a breakdown of what contributions are driving that score such as posts, replies, and how many people are replying to them.

Total Posts View

The Chart (total posts) view shows how many posts students have made across all the discussions in a course.

Total Words View

The Chart (total words) view shows how many words students have generated across all their posts in the discussions in a course.