Known Issue: AP Conflict with NordVPN

NordVPN is a popular VPN service used around the world. Unfortunately, its turned on by default “Threat Protection” feature, used to block ads and tracking, frequently blocks valid content. See the many comments on their help article on the feature for examples.

As we detail in our privacy policy and our explanation of the permissions AP uses, we do not track your web use. However, Google’s permissions structures require that AP be able to read and write to the tab you are using in order to insert your Comments. As such, NordVPN’s Threat Protection feature identifies AP as a web tracker and completely disables you from being able to log in to AP or access content if you were logged in before enabling it. 

 NordVPN Settings

While you can exclude URLs from being blocked, there is no way that we’ve found to manually allow AP through their blocking. The good news is, only one specific setting of the feature is what blocks AP. You can still block ads, malware, and some tracking without breaking AP. In order to make them play nice together you need to go to the Shield tab (2nd option) in the NordVPN app, select settings, and disable “Web tracker blocker”. Alternatively, you can completely disable the Threat Protection feature.