Forms are a way to make comments more interactive and customizable. Forms prompt you to enter freeform text as part of a comment. A form is generated using a pair of double-brackets in the content editor.

Creating a Form in the Editor

You can put text in between the brackets to prompt yourself, or someone who has received the content if you have shared the Library, with suggestions of what to put there.

Chrome Extension

Forms Pop-up

In Chrome (or Edge), when you select a Comment with a form, a pop-up will appear for you to type in freeform content. After typing in what you want to add, click “Continue” and the Comment will be added.

Comment inserted to a Canvas discussion

Word App

In the Word app, a Comment with a form will open as an overlay in the Taskpane. 

Once you enter the text and click “Continue” the Comment will be entered according to the autocomment or insert settings you’ve selected in Word.