AP and the Exec Editor Role

Organizations and schools with an Institutional license can create  Exec Editors to share AP Libraries to:

  • Automatically populate ALL users at the institution with specific Libraries
  • Gain visibility into usage of those Libraries

Two quick examples:

  • Your school develops a Writing Across the Curriculum Library, aligned with a core curriculum, to help bring consistency and improved feedback to all writing courses. The Library could be based on 11trees’ own College Edition Library of over 230 Comments covering all of academic writing or developed from scratch. An AP Exec Editor creates and maintains this Library and, with two clicks, automatically adds it to every instructor account at the institution.
  • Your school develops a School Resources Edition Library, either on your own or in partnership with 11trees, to capture all the details on tutoring, writing center, policies, clubs, research opportunities, career help and efficiently share it with staff and faculty for use in communications with students.

An Exec Editor has all the capabilities of an instructor plus the ability to share Libraries across the institution.

Above we see the normal AP editing experience with one change: this user can specify a particular Library be Active – Shared (formal).

“Formal” differentiates from “Informal” sharing. If a Library is shared institution-wide Formally it will automatically appear in every user’s Selected Libraries. Libraries shared “Informally” will be discoverable by users but will not automatically appear for them. In both cases users can elect to make a Library inactive and remove it from their list of Libraries in use.

The only other variable when sharing Libraries as an Exec Editor is the choice of Extensibility. If a Library is made Extensible users can customize and extend it with their own content. If Extensibility is turned Off then the Library can be used as-is but not modified. Of course no one but the original author can change the underlying content. Users’ changes are simply personal edits that appear only for them.

Exec Editors can see all the Comments created with the Libraries they share – perfect for understanding where a large group of users, whether writing instructors, tutors, lab TAs or other groups, are putting their energies. Using this data – impossible to generate before AP – programs can continually improve feedback and instruction.

When used with Google Docs or Canvas SpeedGrader, AP can optionally capture all free form Comments – completely custom feedback provided to students.

Exec Editors can learn more about the kinds of feedback generated and, most wonderfully, quickly convert those one-off Comments into reusable Comments to be shared with all users.

Rather than lose all the energy and passion that goes into providing feedback, AP can help your program get wiser from it.