Sharing Libraries


Institutional users who are part of an organization/institution can share their libraries within their organization.

How Does Sharing Work?

Organizations with Institutional licenses have Executive Editor and Admin roles to make sharing even more efficient and valuable. 

The Executive Editor can formally share libraries with all users. For example, institutions could develop their own academic writing comment library to support writing across the curriculum efforts or build a School Resources library, with information and links to school reference information. These libraries can be shared with all the faculty and managed centrally to ensure accuracy and relevance.

If sharing is enabled, individual users can also share libraries informally which makes them discoverable to their colleagues.

VinUniversity has used AP for over a year to create and share comment banks that save our faculty an immense amount of time while ensuring detailed, quality feedback for our students.

Daniel Ruelle, MPM

Program Director of English and Communications, VinUniversity College of Arts & Sciences

Formal vs. Informal Sharing:

Formal Sharing: libraries created and managed by AP institutional Admins or Executive Editors that, when shared with faculty, automatically appear in user’s account.

Informal Sharing: libraries created by individual faculty users and shared so that other users can discover and add them.

In both cases, the author of the content can decide whether users will be able to extend the content – personalize to suit their own style and add their own Groups and Comments. If users do extend the content their changes are not visible to any other users.