Free Form Editor

AP’s Chrome Extension and Word apps feature a sidebar with an editor that you can use to type custom comments that are then inserted wherever you place your cursor. Why would you want to do this?

  1. Some comment bubbles present the user with a small editing area. AP’s Free Form Editor, especially with Double Wide Toolbars turned on, provides a bigger area on which to type. Keyboard shorts help you jump back and forth between your destination (like Google Docs, a Word doc, or Canvas) and AP’s sidebar.
  2. Free Form supports AP’s translation feature, so you can type a new message in your primary language, then ask AP to translate it into another language OR include both your original version AND a translation.

Two additional benefits require an AP+ or Institutional subscription:

  1. To insert boldeditalicizedunderlined, and bulleted text into a plain text editor like Canvas SpeedGrader document comment boxes.
  2. To send new, custom comments to AP’s Feed, where they can be later added to a Comment Library for reuse.

You can quickly access the Free Form editor using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F and then send the text to the document using Control + Enter.


An empty Free Form editor seen with Google Docs:

Here we see a Google Doc, with some text higlighted, AP’s toolbar set to Double Wide, and Free Form ON. The user can click into the big text editor visible in the AP toolbar, type up their comment, including supported text formatting, and click CTRL-ENTER when finished to insert the text into the Google Doc as a comment.

An empty Free Form editor seen with Microsoft Word:

AP's Free Form Editor and Microsoft Word

Here we see a Word document and AP’s taskpane showing the Free Form editor. The user can type in the big, friendly AP editor, then CTRL-ENTER to insert the text as a comment.

AP’s Free Form editor used with Canvas to insert formatted text:

AP's Free Form Editor showing formatted text in a Canvas SpeedGrader comment bubble.

Here we see AP’s Free Form editor used to format text and insert it into Canvas’ plain text comment bubble. Just highlight in Canvas, use a keyboard shortcut to jump to AP’s editor, type up your message, and click to insert (or CTRL-ENTER).