Forms are an optional feature to creating content in Annotate PRO. They work across our Chrome and Word apps and make it easy to make commenting interactive – to prompt yourself, or someone using your content, to further customize the selected comment or chunk of text.


AP+ and Institutional users can use the Forms feature to prompt customization. 

By simply including content in double brackets you can prompt yourself (or whoever chooses a specific Comment in a shared Library) to enter more info. This could be an example, a name – anything. Here’s an example in plain text:

Dear [[recipient first name]],

Great seeing you so active in class yesterday! Keep it up…

This whole thing may feel too robotic for some; like any technology, it could be used poorly. But anyone who has taught at scale – 50 or more students – will know the challenge of personalizing feedback and comments and welcome little reminders…like saying something positive when you send an email about attendance problems or similar.

Placeholders, used well, are just another little teaching hack. Like leaving your running shoes on your bedroom door so that, when you get up in the morning, you get a reminder that you intended to get some exercise first thing.

AP’s customization also include Checklists, which make it easy to include lots of potential feedback in a single AP Comment, then choose only what you need for a specific feedback situation.