Feedback Builder

Annotate PRO+ Feature

The Feedback Builder is only available to AP+ and Institutional users. 

AP offers a Chrome Extension and Microsoft Word add-in to bring your libraries of expert feedback where you need them most: Google Docs, Word docs, Canvas SpeedGrader, Blackboard etc.

But what if you’re on your phone and need the details of your school’s writing center? Or want to build a longer narrative response to students while they present? Welcome to the new Feedback Builder.

AP Favorites in Google Docs

The Feedback Builder is ideal for creating rich, detailed feedback at the speed of live presentation. 

Just like the AP Chrome Extension and Word add-in, you can:

  • Use full-text search to quickly find the right comment.
  • Click through a library to browse groups and sub-groups.
  • Click a Favorite to select its text.
  • Use the Freeform text entry area to simultaneously add new text to the Builder and to your Feed for easy addition to a reusable comment library.
  • Translation of feedback – both single (translate to another language) and dual (show the original and the translation).

Options unique to the Feedback Builder:

  • Choose whether to grab rich text or plain text.
  • Choose whether to copy directly to the clipboard or to the Feedback Builder editor first.