AP Analytics & The Feed

Re-use Content and Access Analytics

AP+ and Institutional users can access their past comments to easily save them into re-usable content. Analytics allow you to see objective data on the feedback you’re providing. 

What Can You Do With The Feed?

  • Save and use previous free form feedback to create new reusable comments.
  • Review high level analytics, based on comment Groups, to see where your efforts have gone. Mostly into Grammar? Argument? Organization?
  • Filter by date and recipient, free form vs. comments from your Annotate Library.
  • Find comments provided to a specific student (aka ‘recipient’) – great for end of term reviews and holding students accountable to previous feedback. The recipient feature is exclusive to Canvas SpeedGrader and (to a lesser extent) Word 2016.

The Feed works the same whether you are using our Microsoft Word app, Google Chrome app, or the web editor. Click Review your Feed in the Edit menu of the Word/Chrome app and you’ll see a view like the one on the right.

At the top you have filtering options:

  • Date of feedback
  • Free Form vs. choosing from your Annotate PRO comments
  • Recipient (Canvas SpeedGrader, and Microsoft Word users)

Below the filtering options you’ll see pie charts that show you the distribution of Comments by Group and by Comment.