Annotate PRO: Motivation Station Edition

Most of us have kept lists of motivating, moving, or funny quotes at one point in our lives. Books of quotations are amongst the highest selling titles of all time.

In its essence, Annotate PRO is a fast way to get snippets of text into the documents and platforms you are using to communicate and provide feedback. So providing an Annotate PRO Library of encouraging quotations, available with a click or two, is an obvious utility. Annotate’s deeper mission is to help improve the process of feedback and dialog with learners; adding an encouraging quote to feedback is a simple but memorable way to build a relationship with a student.

Creating a small Library of useful quotations and making it available to all Annotate PRO users was also a quick way to illustrate the new sharing features we recently released. We also wanted a quick way to show how content creators can limit editing (we use the term “extensibility”) of Libraries. So you’ll be able to add the Useful Quotations Library and use it, but you won’t be able to add your own quotes to it. Of course you could create a new Library and make your own quotations Groups, even share it with colleagues…


“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

—Dalai Lama

Our Motivation Station Edition Library is forever free. It has two Groups and about 35 quotations total and is an optional addition – see the section below for the couple of steps necessary to make it available for your use.

So if you’re looking for an encouraging word for a student or a pithy comment about writing? Add the free Motivation Station Edition to your account and quickly find a good one.

We don’t intend the Library be exhaustive – we may add some new quotes over time, perhaps a new Group. We intend it as a curated list of highly relevant and encouraging quotes for learners.

Of course we’d love to hear your thoughts on new Groups/topics and quotes we could include…

Install the Motivation Station Edition Library

  1. Click Activate Libraries choice from the Edit menu (Word) or the Activate Libraries button from the Manage Libraries page (Chrome).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Available Libraries modal popup to find “Motivation Station Edition.”
  3. CLick License Me!
  4. Click to install

Return to Insert and the Library should now be Active,  Selected for use, and free to use forever.

Click for a larger view.