Annotate PRO: Grammar Helper Edition

The Grammar Helper Edition (GHE) is a free starter Library provided for all Individual AP Users. (Institutions who would like to use it can contact us and we will add it for you.) It’s a free gift from 11trees to highlight some of the core strengths of Annotate PRO. 

The GHE is a compact Library of fifteen comments divided into two groups. The grammar group contains comments about ten of the most common grammar mistakes that students make: run-on sentences, comma issues, sentence fragments, etc. Many of the comments include links to references from our free, ad-free academic 11Guide

Praise is an essential component of constructive criticism. That’s why we’ve also included a group of five praise comments. They’re easy to find as they all are labeled with a +. 

A Starting Point

The GHE Library is meant as a starting point for your Annotate PRO journey. The Library is Extensible, meaning you can edit the existing content or add new comments to your copy of the Library. Adding new content to AP is simple: 

How to the Grammar Helper Library to Your Account

New individual subscribers will already have the GHE Library in their list of available Libraries. Existing users (as of GHE’s release in March 2023) can add the Library for free. 

From the AP Chrome Extension or Word Add-in:

  • Click Edit
  • Click Activate Libraries
  • You’ll be logged into the AP web experience and taken to a list of all available Libraries. Scroll down to find “GHE Library” and click License Me!

The GHE Library will be added to your account and available for immediate customization and use in CanvasBlackboard, Microsoft Word, Google ClassroomSchoologyD2LMicrosoft Teams, and more. 


How much does the GHE Library cost?

The GHE Library is 100% free as a gift to all teachers. 

How can I share a customized version of the GHE Library with my colleagues?

Institutions licensing AP for use by multiple instructors can efficiently share custom AP Libraries including GHE or a customized version of GHE. Contact us to learn more.