Annotate PRO: Career Warrior Edition

The Career Warrior Edition of Annotate PRO (AP) can help you, your students, or your employees become better networkers and career builders.

With content authored by resume and career experts, Let’s Eat, Grandma, and AP tuned to work with LinkedIn, the Career Warrior Edition features dozens of LEG-authored reach-outs, covering cold emails, thank you notes, LinkedIn messages, introductions, and cover letter snippets.

The Career Warrior Edition can help you:

  • Increase personalization of messages to potential contacts through the use of expert exemplars
  • Speed your application process by making it easy to store your experience history in AP, then zoom through job application sites like Indeed or Workday.
  • Structure your personal value statements through a mindful editing process.

If you are a Career Development Professional at a school, you can build the Career Warrior Edition into your curriculum initiatives, creating your own templates and efficiently sharing them with thousands of students.

(Using the Career Warrior Edition to create a quick intro message in Linked – click image for a larger view)

At its heart, AP is a productivity solution: once you set up your content you can quickly author networking requests or cover letter paragraphs – using LinkedIn, Google Docs, Microsoft Word – almost anywhere you can type. You’ll create better content more quickly.

A six month subscription to the the Career Warrior Edition is free to individuals – hopefully plenty of time to prove its worth and help you with your next job search.

You can get a quick feel for using CWE via the screenshots below – click to advance the slides.

Once you have an account you’ll gain access to dozens of templates. You can modify and extend, adding a Group for each employment experience, for instance. CWE will structure your personal branding statements and value proposition – anywhere you see {{CURLY BRACES}} you’ll know you need to do a one-time edit. Content in [[BRACKETS]] will prompt you, on the fly, to add details – like the name of a company or a particular aspect of a conversation that resonated with you.

If you are part of an institution or job training/upskilling organization, you can develop your own templates and publish to hundreds or thousands of your users. You’ll even get metrics on usage, so you can gauge impact and ROI.

Start with great content...

The Career Warrior Edition starts with exemplar content written by the career experts at Let’s Eat, Grandma. You’ll get dozens of cover letter paragraphs, cold-email starters, subject lines – all customizable by you to speed your communication and writing across LinkedIn, Gmail, Microsoft Word and other platforms.

...customize for your personal brand...

Do a one-time replace of content in curly braces – {{CONTENT}} – and you’ll quickly create a thoughtful library of key brand statements and communications. Here we have added, for instance, “Austin, TX” in place of {{LOCATION}} in the second line of the Custom Text area.

...use with LinkedIn or Microsoft Word...

Then use the Annotate PRO toolbar, Chrome Extension popup, or right-click menu to add your personalized text to LinkedIn, Gmail – almost anywhere you can type on the web. Or use the Annotate PRO Microsoft Word app to insert your text into Word documents.

...and modify on the fly...

Any content in brackets – [[CONTENT]] – will prompt you for input when you use it.

The video below will walk you through creating an account and setting things up…which dead easy.

  1. Complete the interest form
  2. Wait for a follow-up email (less than one business day) from Let’s Eat, Grandma
  3. Install the Annotate PRO Chrome Extension or Microsoft Word app (or both!) and create an account
  4. The Career Warrior Edition content will already be in your account, ready for you to personalize with your work history, personal brand statements, and elevator pitches.
  5. Start hammering in LinkedIn, Gmail, Microsoft Word…slamming beautifully crafted snippets into messages and documents. Add your personal calendar link and other often-used snippets…and started saving beaucoup time.