Annotate PRO and Turnitin Feedback Studio™

Annotate PRO (AP) makes it easy to create and share simple or complex libraries of reusable comments, then use those beautifully crafted chunks of text to quickly create comments in Feedback Studio. AP Libraries can include Groups and Sub-Groups and you can use multiple Libraries at the same time. For instance, using one Library for standard writing feedback and another for assignment-specific feedback. 

AP is optimized to work with Turnitiin Feedback Studio, including the ability to import Turnitin QuickMark sets.

Annotate PRO (AP) is free forever – create as many Libraries as you’d like then use them with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Canvas LMS, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology, D2L Brightspace – almost anywhere you can type.

Install Annotate for Chrome

It takes 30 seconds, is free, and will help you give better feedback,
faster, starting immediately (well, 31 seconds later).

When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to our advanced content and features which will help you create great feedback faster while measuring impact and holding students accountable. You’ll also be able to use AP with GmailMicrosoft Outlook (web), Slack (web) and other websites.

The trial period is 14 days during which you’ll have full use of our College Edition and Legal Writing Edition Libraries plus advanced features like sorting and coloring Favorites, the Feed, rich Analytics, Double Wide SidebarComment Histories for Canvas LMS, Sub-Groups, Google Translate and Forms. Learn more about free, paid individual and institutional licensing here.

To license AP as an individual simply click the gear icon in the main menu, then choose Account & Store. You’ll see Libraries and features you can license and the status of your subscription(s). 

Institutions can license AP, making it easy to create, share and measure the impact of great feedback.

Insert Text into Feedback Studio with AP:

Inserting Expert Feedback with AP

Once you’ve installed AP and created an account you’ll be able to use immediately. Create a comment bubble in Feedback Studio the way you always would but, instead of typing or using a QuickMark, search AP for content.

In the screenshot above we’re using the orange button from the AP sidebar to insert a detailed comment about citing common knowledge.

You can also add AP text to the overall text feedback area in Feedback Studio – really anywhere you can type. 

AP sits alongside Feedback Studio (and your LMS) – you can use the ever-present popup to search hundreds of items of expert feedback, turn on the sidebar to make discovery easier. AP makes it easy to run several Libraries in parallel. In the sidebar we can see the College Edition Library, a Library specific to discussion boards and a knowledge base of school resources that faculty can use to better engage and direct students.

Import QuickMark sets into AP:

Import CSV or QuickMark

Importing your QuickMark sets takes just seconds. First, export from Turnitin.

From AP simply click Edit and then Import a Library. Browse to find your exported QuickMarks QMS file. You can also import CSV files assuming they are formatted correctly. Learn more about importing CSV files here.

Advantages to doing this?

  • If you license AP for your institution you’ll be able to efficiently share libraries of expert feedback AND keep those libraries updated from a central account.
  • You’ll be able to use your content outside of Feedback Studio: Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology…
  • You’ll have a far richer toolset including visual toolbars, Groups and Sub-Groups, the ability to run multiple Libraries at the same time…analytics!