Annotate PRO and Schoology

Annotate PRO (AP) makes it easy to create and share simple or complex libraries of reusable comments, then use those beautifully crafted chunks of text to quickly respond to students.

AP is optimized to work with Schoology LMS, helping teachers create rich academic feedback and speed engagement and coaching across discussions, messaging and document markup.

AP sits alongside Schoology, Gmail, Outlook (web), Microsoft Word Online and Microsoft Word (native app) – almost any EDU app you might think of. The screenshot at right shows a Schoology discussion with  a student asking for an explanation of “credible resources.”

AP shines in situations like this…

The AP sidebar provides fast access to potentially hundreds of snippets – focused on writing, student engagement & success – even mundane info around school resources and policies.

Simply click into the place where you want to put a snippet, then search/scroll through your AP content, find the one you want and BAM! A beautiful, articulate explanation or comment appears. Of course you can tweak to personalize.

What can you do with AP and Schoology? Oh boy!

  • Use our amazing College Edition library to choose from hundreds of comments specific to academic writing.
  • Create your own libraries of comments – for academic feedback, school resources, student/parent communication templates.
  • Insert comments, with a couple of clicks, into discussions, messages, comments AND document markup (including full screen view). You can use the AP app for Microsoft Word to keep the fun going in the native or online versions of Word. Oh, and use AP with Gmail or Outlook on the Web, too. Almost anywhere you can type on the web.
  • Consider an institutional license so you can share libraries with your colleagues. For instance, a Writing Across the Curriculum library aligned with your curriculum and used by 5, 10, 50 or 500+ teachers.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of the nuances and power to AP. Or just install and get going!

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Annotate PRO, an add-on for Google Chrome and Microsoft Word, allows me to streamline the [grading] process by creating an archive of comments that I can then drop right into student work or feedback sections. This enables me to easily add frequently used comments (such as the difference between summary and analysis, what constitutes common knowledge, and how to properly format a quotation) to student work regardless of the platform that I’m using…a huge timesaver that allows me to work through a stack of exams or papers (and even respond to emailed questions) surprisingly quickly and easily.

Brady Krien

Grad Hacker Columnist, Inside Higher Ed