Blackboard LMS

Annotate PRO is optimized for Blackboard, and Blackboard document markup in particular. No integration with Blackboard is required to use Annotate PRO. Just install our Chrome Extension, create an account, refresh any open pages, setup our toolbar where you want it (or leave it off) and away you go!.

You can use Annotate PRO  all over Blackboard to quickly search and add pre-written comments to any text entry area including:

  • Assignment margin comments
  • Assignment Assignment comments
  • Rubric feedback
  • Discussion responses
  • Content pages

And remember: creating your own Libraries, with as many Groups and Comments as you’d like, is forever-free with Annotate PRO. You can opt for individual or institutional licensing to use advanced features like analytics, sharing libraries, creating a history of feedback at the student level, forms, and new stuff we’re dreaming up. You can find our individual and institutional pricing info here: Annotate PRO Pricing – 11trees.

Blackboard & AP Sidebar

Adding Comments to Bb – Annotate PRO Toolbars & Popup

Click any image to see a larger version. Better yet, install Annotate PRO and you could be experimenting for yourself 60 seconds from now:)

Once you install Annotate PRO for Google Chrome and refresh any open Blackboard pages, you’ll have access the College Edition Library and a starter Library for your own use – both of which you can easily modify and extend. Of course you can create new Libraries.

The screenshot shows the optional Annotate PRO toolbar docked to the top of the screen. The user has replied to a discussion post, clicked in the green Annotate search box, then typed “+” to get a list of positive comments to use. They have selected one specific to originality, hit Enter, and the comment has appeared in the discussion reply ready for editing.

Alternately, you can type CTRL-ALT-A from just about any text entry area to jump to the search box, scroll through results, hit Enter and see your selection magically appear in Blackboard. There are also a host of blue Favorite buttons visible, which you can simply click to add a comment.

In this example the toolbar is closed and the user has popped open Annotate PRO from the Google Chrome menu.

Annotate PRO is always available this way. ALT-A will work as a shortcut so you can click into a comment area, then pop Annotate to search or click a Favorite.

Annotate PRO also offers right-click access to your libraries in most plain text area entry areas.

Feedback History

Annotate PRO saves the choices you make from your AP Libraries so you can review data in aggregate and filter by date. You can filter by Group, drill down into the usage of Comments within a Group, and export data in a tabular format.

Site license holders can share Libraries across ten or a hundred or a thousand faculty, then aggregate all the resulting data for curriculur improvement, learning outcomes assessment, and similar initiatives.