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Grammar & Mechanics Overview

Grammar and Mechanics includes punctuation, proof-reading, and sentence structure. By the time you are in advanced writing class, little attention will be paid to teaching these basics – you’ll be assumed to know them. And if you don’t? Goofing up relatively simple grammatical issues is the equivalent to showing up to school in your underwear. You might just get away with it if you’re a genius…

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Designing Sentences Using the Mighty Colon (:)

When do you use the two dots vs. the dot and the comma? All answers: here.

Elegantly Include QUOTATIONS In Your Writing

Including quotes in your writing is one of the leading indicators of an accomplished academic writer. There are rules, and they are easy to learn. Once you've got them down and you can sprinkle quotes throughout your writing to support your points you'll be on your way to creating slam-dunk arguments with the ability to persuade any audience.

How Can I Make My Sentences Clearer?

Sometimes sentences are unclear because they are ambiguous, and other times because they have too many words. Usually sentences will be clearer if they have fewer words. So as you edit and reread your work, try to take words out to make your writing clearer.

How to Fix Comma Splices

You cannot link two independent clauses (which can stand on their own as sentences) with a comma. Fixing a splice is easy and these examples will show you the way.

Its vs. It’s, Their/there, Led/lead etc

Examples of words that sound the same but have different meanings - homonyms. Too/to, pear, pair, led/lead etc.

Proofreading: Your Honor on the Line!

Short discussion of the importance of proofreading with a little motivation thrown in alongside some easy wins that will help bring your game up.

Recognize and Revise Sentence Fragments

Understand sentence fragments and how to fix them.

Use SEMICOLONS (;) For Emphasis

How do you properly use semicolons? More importanlty, how can you use them to help your writing, particularly to add emphasis?

What is an Independent Clause?

Simple, short definition of the building block of written English: the independent clause.

Where To Put Commas

Do you just scatter commas around, randomly? Or are there rules for using them? Find out - quickly!