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General Writing Strategies – Overview

These tips and tricks will get you through writer’s block, help you get started writing, and walk you through concrete skills you can quickly learn and apply.

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Blasting Through Writers’ Block

Think you're the only one who stares at the blank screen with feat/anxiety/anger/boredom? Nope. Every writer who ever lived has felt the same way. This resource will walk you through the most common and suggest some ways to deal. There's always cleaning the bathroom or doing your taxes - if you REALLY want to avoid writing.

Brainstorm a Topic and Finish a First Draft

When you sit down to write, do you immediately think of 23 other things you’d rather be doing? Does your hand itch to grab your phone and start texting, or does Facebook suddenly seem more alluring than ever? Does your mind just seem filled with clouds instead of thoughts and words you can use?

Getting Started: Writing the Best Essay Possible

One way to generate useful material in an early draft is to ask yourself a lot of questions about different aspects of your project, from audience to topic to perspectives on the topic.

The Uses and Methods of Outlining

Gain a quick understanding of how outlining can help your writing. Think through organization and logic to create coherence and impact.

Tips for Organizing Your Ideas (Reverse Outlining)

Use this clever strategy to take a bunch of ideas and shape them into a coherent essay.