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Writing with Style – Overview

What does it mean to write with style? Particularly in an academic environment?

It doesn’t mean:

  • Using big words
  • Padding your writing to reach word/page minimums
  • Picking the right font

Writing teachers joke that “flow” is the “other four-letter ‘F’ word” because students use it as such a grab bag catch-all…

Writing style is difficult to articulate. If you’ve ever listened to a master comedian parse what makes something funny you’re in the right ball park.

The good news? Style in academic writing has some pretty concrete and, honestly, low barriers to entry.

Browse Style Articles:

PARAPHRASE Effectively – Avoid Just Copying

Paraphrasing is a skill that marks you as an accomplished academic writer - AND helps you avoid charges of plagiarism.

SUMMARIZE Effectively – Don’t Just Parrot Another Author

Understanding when to accelerate and summarize vs. slow down and dig in is a key skill. Learn some basic moves to summarize well.

Use SEMICOLONS (;) For Emphasis

How do you properly use semicolons? More importanlty, how can you use them to help your writing, particularly to add emphasis?

Varying Sentence Length

Help understanding how (& why!) to mix up the length of your sentences, keeping your reader a little more engaged and interested than otherwise.

Varying Sentence Structure

Varying your sentences structure is an easy and fun skill to develop. You'll help keep your reader involved (i.e. 'awake') and avoid monotony.