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What is a Custom Library?

Annotate PRO is forever free and comes with a Library containing one Group and ten blank slots you can fill. You can create up to three Groups in this library for a total of thiry comments.

Paid users, and users with client institutions that have the right permissions, can create additional Libraries – each containing many Groups and Comments.

Users can select multiple Libraries for use at the same time, creating (effectively) one big Library that is searchable in a variety of ways.

Users from client institutions with the right permissions canĀ share Libraries they create informally OR formally. You can read more about creating and sharing new Libraries in Annotate PRO for Microsoft Word 2016 and Google Chrome.

So a school or program could develop a library specific to their curriculum, using our College Edition as a starting point, then automate sharing of that library to all teachers.

Another school might develop a library specific to peer review or English Language Learners (providing dual language responses, for instance, and leveraging our Google Translate integration).

A university might create a library intended for peer tutors and TAs, to speed training and improve consistency amongst many graders.

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