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Canopy: See the Forest for the Trees

Welcome to Canopy – the actionable analytics and engagement solution for Canvas LMS.

Canopy helps instructors invest their time as wisely as possible by transforming the course activity, grade, and discussion data into an instructor-centric experience.

Need to message all students below a certain course grade? Encourage and appreciate students making online discussions vibrant and welcoming? Quickly scan for late discussion posts? Instantly see which students have replied TO you in a discussion but to whom you haven’t yet replied?

Take 3 minutes and get a quick sense of the Canopy experience. Then Contact Us to set up your institution’s free 30-day trial.

Canopy saves time, reduces frustration, and gives me immediate insight into classroom discussions in a truly innovative way. If you rely on discussion boards in your online classes, you need Canopy. I cannot be more enthusiastic in my endorsement.

Jim Benton

Instructor, Eastern Oregon University

Can I use Canopy without my institution's involvement (LTI etc.)?

Unfortunately, no.

Canopy is so very powerful precisely because it connects so deeply with Canvas. Your institution must set up Canopy as an app in your Canvas instance (yes, this may be the hardest part. Contact Us to get started). Use Canopy for a month, free of charge. Pricing for an institution is transparent and affordable.

How does my institution connect Canopy to Canvas?

Getting your institution started with Canopy is fast and simple but requires your Canvas admin/IT team set up 11trees (the developers of Canopy) with a Developer Key. This is a process they will be quite familiar with but also may require some back and forth to document privacy and security requirements. We’re quite used to doing this work and they will be too.

A good first step is setting Canopy up on a test Canvas server so you can properly kick the tires. 

Here’s the info your Canvas admins will need from 11trees:

  1. Key Name: Canopy
  2. Owner Email:
  3. Redirect URIs:
  4. Icon URL:

Here’s the info we need back:

  1. Your institution’s LTI Client ID
  2. A ‘Client Secret’ that your institution will define (it’s a highly secure password)
    • Both #1 and #2 should be transmitted to 11trees through secure means: either a secure shared folder on Dropbox or similar, or via a password-protected ZIP file or similar.
  3. The URL of your institution’s Canvas instance (typically
  4. The email domain or domains that your faculty use (, so we can create an easy login path for your users. Faculty enter an email with a specified domain to trigger the secure Canvas authentication process. Canopy never asks for your user’s Canvas credentials.

Please secure this information and share it with us securely (password-protected Zip file, shared cloud drive). We will configure your client within one business day and let you know when you can continue testing.

Ideally you provide us with a test course, test instructor account, and test student so we can test Canopy on your behalf.

What data does Canopy store?

Canopy stores only the name and email address of faculty users along with some basic logging information (account creation date etc.). Canopy does not store ANY data on students – no names, IDs, responses etc.

We will no doubt add analytics and additional features, but will only activate them with your (and/or your institution’s) express consent.

Can Canopy Text Message communications to students?

Yes – if students have configured Canvas to send text message updates upon receiving messages.

See this Canvas Community page for detailed instructions.

This is an imperfect solution from our perspective: Canvas communication settings are not very granular and we doubt students will want text messages on every update to Canvas. Feedback welcome on this subject! We realize “email is for old people.” Maybe we need a SnapChat integration…

Can we share our ideas for additional Canopy capabilities?

Absolutely! Contact Us to share – we expect to publish a roadmap of ideas so our growing community can influence and inspire development.

We are particularly interested in ideas around data visualizations (wisdom, not eye candy), supporting instructor workflows (like keyword identification for specific Discussion Topics), and better identifying students who need attention.


Does Canopy work with other LMS platforms like Moodle or Blackboard?

Not at this time, unfortunately.

If other systems are built as openly as Canvas then it is quite possible for us to plug Canopy into another LMS. Contact Us to get on our radar and help us understand what other platforms are used by educators looking to scale personalized engagement.

Who builds Canopy? Who is 11trees?

11trees is an edtech company with a deep history in assessment, feedback, and extending the LMS. Our name comes from our goal to help scale “1 to 1” engagement through great technology. You can read more about us here.


Try Canopy for 30 days at your institution free of charge. Your faculty will get value from Canopy within seconds of logging in, we’re confident you’ll be able to make a decision quickly.

Pricing is based on your institution’s Full-Time Equivalent enrollment and a 12-month period. We can pro-rate licenses to suit your organization’s financial calendar. Corporate clients should contact us for pricing.

As 11trees develops additional features and capabilities for Canopy pricing may change. Our goal is to keep the core productivity features of Canopy affordable and high value for institutions and teachers.

FTEAnnual License
0 – 2,999$3,495
3,000 – 9,999$6,495
10,000 – 20,000$9,495
20,001+Contact Us