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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in FAQ: Annotate for Word - Mac Edition (pre-2017)

Using a Mac, I receive a message that says “Word could not fire event.”

 After installing Annotate in a Mac OS X computer running Microsoft Office 2011, you discover that Annotate does not work as expected and you receive an error stating “Word could not fire event.”


Products affected:

  • Annotate CE and LWE, Free and PRO Editions, for Mac Office 2011


  • Medium – you should be able to resolve the problem


This issue is very fixable, but it’s a bit of a pain. The message is telling you that your installation of Mac Office 2011 does NOT have “VBA” installed. VBA is “Visual Basic for Applications,” the programming language that makes it possible to add functionality to Office.

When you installed Office, or when someone installed Office for you, they must have opted out of including VBA. You can rectify this issue by uninstalling Annotate, uninstalling Mac Office 2011, reinstalling Mac Office 2011, and then installing Annotate.

Yes, we know this is a pain, but there’s no way around it. During the installation make sure that “Visual Basic for Applications” is checked so that it installs. 

You can review how to remove Office 2011 by watching this two minute video from Microsoft:

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