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Treeline | Overview

11trees’ Treeline is curriculum and professional development designed to transform typical English and writing classes, at the high school and college level, into interdisciplinary workshops tying the latest in agile software development to the rigors of literature and language study.



  •  Knowledge workers write more in a day than most college students do in an entire academic term.
  • The language of agile software development is the language of literature: themes, epics, stories, personas.
  • Software development is about far more than coding; ask any engineer.
  • Agile and lean software development methodologies are applied to every walk of life, with great success. Except education.

Stay tuned for more and for ways to get involved in 2017-2018. We’ll be releasing some sample units, offering training and speaking engagements, and creating hundreds of small, agile, experiments to help refine our big idea.

A treeline is:

The place where two ecosystems meet – always a hotbed of diversity.

The goal of many outdoors enthusiasts – to get above treeline is to celebrate hard work with the reward of fantastic views.

A place from which you can see miles and miles, sometimes even the curvature of the Earth;  a reminder of our tiny but huge place in the world that strengthens the spirit.

Treeline Academic Units and Professional Development Offerings:

We will be working towards a curriculum and training covering a full academic term to be available spring 2018. In the spirit of rapid experimentation, we’ll publish a few units, looking to get real-world feedback from teachers who choose to put them (or portions of them) to use. We’ll also be doing speaking engagements to help educators and students understand that software development isn’t just “coding” and that English and writing courses are the perfect places to connect schools to the knowledge economy.