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The Top 3.5 Reasons to Move to Office 2016

We build solutions for Microsoft Office and we have a hard time keeping Microsoft’s naming conventions straight.

And isn’t it weird to use software with a name connected to a YEAR?

What happened on January 1 2017 when you fired up Microsoft Word 2016? Do you get in your Jeep Wrangler 2016? Visit 2015?


To give Microsoft credit: they are moving very, very quickly and getting tons of things right. So maybe this naming thing will clear up soon.

Microsoft O365 is a subscription model, not a version of the software. O365 means you’re paying annually or monthly (or your employer/school is) vs. paying for it once. Office, or Office 2016, is the name of the software.

Okay! Now that we’ve cleared that up (!)…if you’re not on Office 2016 why should you consider moving?

Office is free to educators and students.

Office 2016 is clean and consistent across Windows and macOS. You can edit documents in a browser, your Mac at home, and your Windows Surface laptop at work with exactly the same experience and capabilities. You can  even use the free iPad apps from Microsoft to open, edit, and create Office documents.

Unlike the change from Office XP/2003 to Office 2007, which was traumatic for many of us, Office 2016 is just a better version of the same software you’ve been using for years.

Who knows, some corporate friend or colleague – or FINANCE! – might send you a doc or a spreadsheet you need to download and open.

Not everything is ‘sharing’ and flowers and cloud, you know.

Microsoft support for older versions of Office is over or coming to an end – depending on your institution’s purchase of “extended support.”

Here are the dates:

  • Mainstream Support End Date
    • Microsoft Office 2013: April 2018
    • Microsoft Office for Mac 2011: October 2017 
    • Microsoft Office 2010: Not Applicable, but the Service Pack support end date was July 2012

Hackers love software with huge installed bases – lots of targets. Office has hundreds of millions of users and, unlike web-based solutions, you are constantly downloading files and opening them on your computer. Which makes you vulnerable.

Winter is coming. Upgrade to Office 2016 (2017?) today…

Besides. It’s got all these cool add-ins that you can install to make your life easier. Like Annotate PRO.