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Posted by on Aug 8, 2013 in FAQ: Annotate for Word (pre-2017) - Windows Editions

The Annotate Library appears in a strange spot – how can I make it more visible (Windows users)?


The Annotate Library should open between your document and the Word toolbar, to a predetermined height that makes several rows of content, and the important buttons, easily visible.

This is how the Annotate Library should appear. Notice that the Help + Instructions and Save and Update Menus buttons are clearly displayed.

Annotate Library in the Correct Location For any number of reasons (although the chances are small), you Library might appear in a different location. You might have moved it unintentionally, or Microsoft Word might have had a senior moment. In any event, repositioning the Library is quite easy, and it’s a good feature to know about. Here is an example of an incorrectly positioned Library:
Annotate Library in the WRONG place

To reposition the Library, click on the light blue title bar where you can see Annotate PRO Comment Library. Click and hold (your mouse arrow will turn into a little cross), and drag. Notice that you can drop the Library on top, on bottom, on a side, or even leave it disconnected from the Microsoft Word window (for those with multiple monitors). Here is an image of the Library being moved:

Moving the Annotate Library

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