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Commenting on Google Docs with Annotate for Google Chrome

Annotate PRO makes it easy to add rich, personalized feedback to Google Docs or just about any webpage. You can use the stock Comments or write your own…There’s nothing to learn. If you can right-click you can Annotate like a PRO.

There are three ways to access your Annotate PRO comments:

  1. Right-click in any text box (anywhere you can type) and access the Annotate PRO context menu.
  2. Pop open the Annotate PRO Chrome Extension and use the full-text search feature.
  3. Pop open the Annotate PRO Chrome Extension and click a Favorites button.

To get a closer look at an image, click on it to see a bigger version.

Adding Comments with Right-Click


Right-Click Step 1:


Highlight text in your Google Doc – just as you always would to insert a comment:

Step 2: Insert a Google Doc Comment

Use the Google Docs Insert menu or right-click to insert a blank Comment bubble.

Hint: after highlighting text, press Ctrl + Alt + M (Windows) or ⌘ + Option + M (Mac) to insert a blank comment. Microsoft Word still doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut for adding a Comment.

Step 3: Right-click IN the Comment to access the Annotate PRO menu

You’ll see the main categories of Annotate PRO Comments, plus any Top Level Comments.

Step 4: Browse to the Comment Label You Want to Use

You’ll find 70+ of the most common comments you might ever make already in place…most have links to external resources (like Purdue’s Online Writing Lab) so with one click you can give students very targeted, helpful feedback.

Step 5: Click!

With one click, an entire comment – including clickable links to online resources – will appear in the Google Docs Comment bubble. MAGIC.

Of course you can customize the text for the particular document you’re reading…just let Annotate do 90% of the heavy lifting.

Hint: After the comment text appears, hit theSpace Bar, thenTab, then Space Bar to accept the addition…Super Fast!

Step 6: Done…


Adding Comments with Full-Text Search


Full-Text Search Step 1:

To add a comment by searching the full text of your library, first place the cursor where you’d like the text to appear…

In this case, we’ve inserted a blank comment into a Google Doc (pro tip: use ALT-CMD-M on a Mac or CTRL-ALT-M on Windows).

Step 2: Open Annotate PRO

Click the friendly green ‘A’ in your Chrome menu to pop open Annotate.

Notice that your cursor will be blinking in the search box, ready for you to start typing.

PRO tip: use the keyboard shortcut ALT-A to open Annotate!

Step 3:

Start typing and Annotate will surface matching Comments…


Scroll down (you can use your keyboard arrow keys) to a Comment you want, then hit Enter on your keyboard. Or just use your mouse.

Hint: After the comment text appears, hit theSpace Bar, thenTab, then Space Bar to accept the addition…Super Fast!

Step 4: Done…

Of course you could edit the text of the Comment before completing the addition…

Notice the link in the Comment became clickable when viewed by the user…

Many of the Comments in our College Edition library include links out to additional info…

Adding Comments with Favorite Buttons


Using your Favorites buttons is just like using Search.

After placing your cursor where you want the text to go, pop open Annotate (remember ALT-A!), and scroll down, past the search area, to find the big blue buttons. Hovering over a button will show you its contents.

Click a button to add its Comment to your web page / Google Doc.

You can make any Comment a favorite by editing your Libraries.