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Install Q for Success

Install Q for Chrome (the Q for Success Chrome Extension):

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Ideally make sure you’re running the latest and greatest version of Chrome.
  3. Visit the Chrome Webstore and search for Q for Success. Or just click here.
  4. Click Add to Chrome.
  5. Review the privacy/security notification and approve.

After installation you’ll see a Q icon in your Chrome toolbar. Click it to open Q and create an account or log in.

(click image for a larger view)

Install Q for Microsoft Word (the Q for Success Word Add-in):

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Ideally update to the most recent version of Word
    • You can install Q on Word 2013 (Windows only), Word 2016 (Windows, macOS, and Word online), and Office 365
  3. Visit the Insert tab
  4. Click the red Store icon (the briefcase)
  5. Search “Q for Success” and click Add once found
  6. Depending on your version of Word, the results will be slightly different:
Q for Word 2016 & Office 365

Okay! You’ve got a recent version of Word – great.

When you install Q you should get a ‘Q’ tab – to the right of tabs like Review and View. (If you don’t see a ‘Q’ tab you have an old version of Word 2016; visit the Insert tab, then click My Add-ins and choose Q.)

Click the ‘Q’ and then the Home button in the resulting Ribbon. Log in or create an account if need be.

If you open a new document you’ll need to click the Q tab, then click Home – although you won’t have to log in again.

Q for Word 2013 (Windows)

No worries using an older version of Word 2013 – at least for a few years.

To access Q you’ll need to visit the Insert tab in Word, then click My Apps or My Add-ins to select Q. 

Log in or create an account if need be.

If you open a new document you’ll need to repeat the above process with the exception of logging in – you will be remembered!

(click image for a larger view)