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Posted by on Aug 16, 2017 in Annotate PRO - General Questions

What are the steps to purchase and implement Annotate PRO at my institution?

This is one of our favorite questions:)

Account Setup

  • Once you have communicated your licensing needs (number of faculty, students and the content you need access to), we create an account for your institution. We set up your email domain or domains to automatically recognize users (so “”) but can also create users manually, if for instance you don’t want or need to have users sign in with their organizational email.
  • We do not yet offer Single Sign On (SSO) or LTI integration options.
  • We can suppress theĀ Support options inside Annotate PRO for organizations who wish their users to go directly to them vs. to us.


  • Administrators of a Google Apps organization can make our Chrome app available to all users (or a subset) with just a few clicks. Because Chrome (and our app) auto-updates we have not had any issues supporting large roll-outs.
  • Microsoft is a bit different story. Users need to be on a fairly recent version of Office 2016 (ideally summer 2016 vintage or better). At many institutions, updating Office is controlled by central IT. Also, Word 2016 uses Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on Windows machines to run apps like Annotate. IE11 is a fairly old and problematic browser at this point (Microsoft’s new browser is called Edge, but it only runs on Windows 10). Updating IE11 is important to assure a good experience with Office Add-ins like Annotate.
  • We use Google Firebase for authentication of users. After creating an account via email you will receive a verification email. Some institutions have reported that these emails (sent by Google on our behalf) go to quarantine or spam. Ideally you whitelist “” so our infrequent communications get through to your registered users.


  • We are happy to invoice for payment via check or credit card. We can pro-rate our annual license fee or even set up automatic monthly billing.
  • We are typically in touch 90 days before renewal to organize a subsequent year’s license.
  • Multi-year arrangements are an option.